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Simple things that matter a lot – to boost immunity

While all know there is no magic-pill-for-every-ill.  Over the counter medications only suppress symptoms. And while supplements may be helpful for short-term boosts, we advocate living an “immune supportive” lifestyle for long-term benefits.

Think about it, every day our immune system protects us from countless onslaughts—beyond the common cold or flu virus—so, it only makes sense to ensure we are doing all we can to arm our guardian-at-the-gate

Here are some deceptively simple starting points that have a profound impact on your immune function:

  • Get enough sleep (7-9 hours per night).  We believe deprioritizing sleep is one of the most powerful ways to attract viral sickness like the common cold.  Studies agree!
  • Practice daily stress relief through exercise, yoga, deep breathing, laughter and time spent in nature. Stress actually weakens your immune function.
  • Stay connected to your friends and family. Loneliness and social isolation are big immune-downers.
  • Move regularly. Whether it’s a full-blown exercise routine, or getting up to walk around every hour at work, regular movement is critical for optimal immune function.  And a little bit really is better than nothing.

Want to go deeper into how diet and lifestyle impact immunity? Check out the following articles:

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