Healthcare with Advantages

We know, you like to have it all. We’re all about sharing. Get spoiled with services only our members enjoy.

Knew Health Advantages

Free Personalized health coaching.

Two annual personal sessions with a certified Health Coach to help you reach and maintain your goals.

Member discounts.

35% discount for supplements. Discounted lab services. And savings on other wellness resources.

More, more, more.

We’re always adding more resources. Tell us what you want, we’re in this together.

Sharing Community Membership

Medical Cost Sharing

24-hours Telemedicine Video/Phone consultation.

Consult with a conventional physician via phone at any time for a personal or family member health concern, including dermatology and behavioral health concerns.

Billing concierge services.

Negotiating bills professionally in order to
minimize costs.

2nd opinion services.

Consult with a physician if Members receive a new diagnosis or prior to major medical intervention/ procedure in order to re-assess medical necessity and available alternatives.

Knew Health is your peace of mind for unexpected medical costs.

It's not insurance. It's reassurance.


Totally affordable. Are we allowed to say, cheap?


Simple and easy. Like 30 seconds simple for a savings estimate.


Freedom to choose, on your own terms. You’re the boss.


Proven medical cost sharing. Millions of people share millions of $ each month.


Inclusive community, everyone is welcome. A welcoming community is a healthy community.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind. You can stop worrying, our community has your back.

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