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Knew Health is a monthly Membership that helps its Members stay healthy and share unexpected medical expenses.

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Knew Health Member Advantages

Wellness &

Keep yourself healthy.

Medical Need  

Financial support when you need it.

Wellness & Preventative Advantages

Free Health Coaching

Our free, one-on-one health coaching will help you identify and reach your wellness goals like increasing sleep quality, improving your diet, developing effective exercise habits and supporting your mental health.

Scheduling is done through our Member Portal and your appointments are virtual, so you can stay on track no matter when or where you are.

With our portfolio of coaches, you get to choose a coach based on your priorities and lifestyle.

35% Off Supplements

Whether it's turmeric for inflammation, elderberry for immunity, or probiotics for gut health, supplements optimize our lives so you can feel your best!

Our online dispensary will provide you with a 35% discount on over 20,000 trusted vitamins, supplements and skin care products, from brands like Ortho Molecular and Pure Encapsulations.

We take zero profit from your orders and they’re delivered right to your door.

Discounted Lab Work

When you complete regular labs and review with your healthcare providers, it’s like having a barometer for what’s really going on in your body.

Our tests will help distinguish when something could be off or a condition may be developing.

With local draw sites through LabCorp and at home testing kits, you can proactively order our discounted testing whenever you need it.

We have ultra-specialized testing like NutrEval testing for nutrition, DUTCH tests for hormone health, and Food Inflammation Tests, all the way through to your basic CMPs and CBCs.

Free Fitness Resources

Need help getting regular exercise or looking to try something new?

We’ll provide you with access to expert resources, like virtual yoga and meditation through New York’s Breathe Yoga Studios, qigong with The Chi Center’s Master Mingtong Gu, and more to keep you motivated and feeling your best.

No matter your activity or fitness level, we have the right class for you.

You are empowered and in control, but never alone.

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Unexpected Medical Need Advantages

Medical Cost Sharing

It's a Community approach to managing medical costs where our Members support each other.

Every month, you’ll contribute a monthly contribution to our Community. These contributions are then used to share in any unexpected medical costs, after you pay the Initial Unshareable Amount (a pre-set amount that you'll choose when you join).

You have the freedom to choose your own doctors and practitioners because we don't have any networks. We teach you how to navigate the healthcare system so you’ll get the best quality care for the best price. When you save, we all save.

There are no waiting periods, sharing caps or maximums. So no matter the illness or injury, from cancer to broken bones, you'll never have to face the unexpected alone.

Free Telemedicine

You'll have free, 24/7 access to help with urgent health concerns, like strep throat or urinary tract infection(UTI), from the comfort of your own home.

Within minutes of requesting an appointment online, you’ll be able to have a phone call or video chat with a licensed physician in your state that can prescribe medication, if medically necessary.

Services also include dermatology and behavioral health. Peace of mind no matter when, no matter where.

Free Bill Negotiation

Have you ever tried to negotiate your own bills? Sound intimidating?

With our Bill Negotiation experts, you'll avoid inflated healthcare costs. This doesn’t just save you money, but it’s saving money for our entire Community.

With an average of 49% reduction in medical bills through negotiation, that’s a lot of savings! You’ll be able to enter your bills for negotiation through your online Member Portal.

Free Second Opinions

An estimated 20% of all surgical procedures are not medically necessary, leading to needless physical trauma and bills.

Through our partnerships, you'll get online access to review new diagnoses or treatment regimens with board-certified experts from the finest medical institutions.

You'll have your costs discounted when you use this tool. We make sure your care is necessary and cut your costs.

Concierge Support

The Member Support Team will help you with locating providers in your area as well as assist in getting you the lowest prescriptions costs around because we can all use help when it comes to navigating the complicated healthcare world. No matter what healthcare assistance you need, our Member Support Team is there for you.

Members save 30-70% each month when compared to their previous healthcare costs.

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The best part about your Membership is something we don’t actually give you.

With their savings, our Members are investing in themselves.

Jessie S.

San Diego, CA

"Knew Health is exactly what I was looking for. They have amazing customer service and ease of use for their services that promote a healthy lifestyle. You get annual blood tests to track your health which is so key to ensuring a healthy body. It is affordable and allows me to build my own company without the massive burden of typical health insurance costs."

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Veronica R.

Sherman, TX

"Knew Health works well for me because I was already paying out-of-pocket for all my care because I choose holistic and complementary care to avoid the prescribing cascade and other pitfalls of disease maintenance that you get as the standard of care with regular insurance coverage. Knew Health is saving my family thousands of dollars each year and it gives my family peace of mind knowing that I can get affordable peace of mind as an entrepreneur instead of relying on the expensive coverage from my husband’s employer that didn’t cover the kind of care we prefer."

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Denise D.

Portland, OR

"Knew Health works for me because I can use the money I save on premiums to actually get preventative health care like massage and chiropractic. Additionally, I can order my own labs and they are much more economical than any other lab I have found!"

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Tianna M.

Alameda, CA

"Knew Health works for me because I don't visit the doctor very often. And I don't take medications. I love that I can access discounted supplements and lab tests. So the money I save from insurance premiums, I can use towards these and other wellness investments. But I know that if something more catastrophic were to happen to me, that I would have access to care and some coverage of the costs. It just makes sense for someone that is generally healthy. I've been recommending to everyone."

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Debra O.

Rowlett, TX

"I was so happy to find Knew Health over a year ago. I was tired of being "chained" to employers because I needed the healthcare benefits. This has allowed me to freelance and have more power to choose who and where I want to be in life!"

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Kaitlyn M.

Charlotte, NC

"For so long, I have put off the idea of freelancing because I was scared of not having health insurance. Knew Health empowered me to pursue my independent career because I no longer have to worry if a healthcare expense will ruin my life. It's affordable, flexible, and accessible. Every time I have called with questions, someone answers and speaks to me with empathy and patience. They offer their Members an array of wellness resources and tips. This all seemed to good to be true at first, and so far it's been wonderful. Thank you Knew Health for being a game-changer in the healthcare realm."

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