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Mytavin—uncover hidden nutrient deficiencies post-medication

Did you know a hidden side effect of many prescription drugs is loss of essential nutrients like B12, iron, magnesium, probiotics and zinc?  Some of the biggest culprits are common, daily medications!  


This drug-driven malnourishment can lead to further health issues down the road, including anemia, compromised immunity, digestive issues and heart disease (to name but a few). Yet, few doctors and pharmacists think to warn us about these issues…


…which is why it pays to stay on top of your nutrient levels when taking medication with Mytavin

Why We Love It: It’s super easy to use. Just visit:, type in your medication and hit “calculate”.

From there, you may choose to take that information to the next level by testing your specific nutrient levels, or start a custom supplement regime to protect against losses (be sure to use your Fullscript account to save on supplements).

Want to Go Deeper into Drug/Nutrient Interactions?

Then check out this article by functional medicine expert, Dr. Deanna Minich: Nine Need to Know Drug Nutrient Interactions

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