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What is Knew Health?

Knew Health is a new kind of company. Knew Health is health cost sharing, an alternative to health insurance managing healthcare costs. As a Knew Health member, you join a community of health-minded individuals who have the freedom and control to be actively engaged in their healthcare decisions.

What are the advantages of becoming a Knew Health Member?

Glad you asked! You get 24/7 Telemedicine: free with membership. Access to licensed providers in your state within minutes of your request by phone or video chat to address any medical issue you are concerned with. 2nd opinion services free with membership to make sure that your diagnoses are accurate and that procedures are necessary and appropriate. Discounts on supplements, labs, wellness resources. And we’re always adding more. Because more is always better.

Getting started

How much does Knew Health cost?

Membership options start as low as $169 a month!
Visit our Savings Calculator to find the membership that works best for you!

How do I know how much I’ll pay?
Our online savings calculator can give an instant quote, it only takes 30 seconds!
How can I sign up?

Just click here. We’d love to have you part of our Knew Health community.

Medical cost sharing

What is health cost sharing?

Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance corporation, you contribute monthly to a shared Community fund. If medical needs happen, your expenses are shared through this Community fund. This is the way monthly costs are lower than typical insurance premiums, saving you 30-70% on healthcare.

Is the health cost sharing approach new?

Actually, no. Health cost sharing has a 22-year history, with over a million members sharing over a billion healthcare dollars. It’s been an effective, fair and humane way for people to feel secure about health care costs. The only catch is that only religious communities have used the medical cost-sharing approach until now, with religious rules and restrictions. And that doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we created Knew Health. We’re the first inclusive health cost sharing community offering medical cost sharing along with many additional health sharing.

Why is Health Cost Sharing a better option?

Do you like saving money? Well, that’s better. Knew Health keeps your monthly costs low. We protect you against unexpected medical bills, to keep these from causing you financial devastation. And better, you’re totally in charge of your health care – you’re the boss. And you have the freedom to choose your own health resources to stay healthy. And we help you save by giving discounts on supplements, labs, wellness resources, and more. Sounding better already, doesn’t it?

What expenses are covered or shared?

New illnesses, new injuries, immunizations for children under 18. Maternity costs including prenatal, delivery, postnatal are covered after 1 year of membership, and standard screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies*.

* Some limitations may apply, contact us with any questions.

What expenses are not covered or can’t be shared?

Here’s a good way to think about it: expected costs are not covered. These include general wellness, preventive care, maintenance medication.

Is there any cap or maximum on sharing?

There are no lifetime maximums, monthly caps, or other limitations on how much funding can be shared with a member.

Medical needs

Is alternative medicine shareable?

Alternative medicine can be shared with the Community, but requires prior written approval and varies on a case-by-case basis.

Are pre-existing conditions shareable?
Some pre existing health conditions will have limitations on sharing while others can become partially eligible for sharing after the first year on an incremental scale.
* If you would like to discuss your personal pre-existing condition sharing options, please contact our Customer Service Team.

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