A better way forward

A simple, affordable, and dependable alternative to health insurance.

Stop worrying. Start sharing.


Totally affordable. Are we allowed to say, cheap?


Simple and easy. Like 30 seconds simple for a savings estimate.


Freedom to choose, on your own terms. You’re the boss.


Proven medical cost sharing. Millions of people share millions of $ each month.


Inclusive community, everyone is welcome. A welcoming community is a healthy community.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind. You can stop worrying, our community has your back.

As Seen in

Health cost sharing for all of us.

Hey, this isn’t your dad or mom lecturing you about health insurance. And it’s not some salesy corporation. This is us. Your tribe, your people, your friends. We get it, we get you. And our community has your back.

Holly Ladd

“My current insurance policy covers nothing! And my deductible is so high! It doesn’t even make sense to use it…Once we confirmed I was eligible for membership, the only concern I had was whether an unexpected serious, expensive diagnosis would be shareable. Now that I know it will be, I have no concerns.”

Kelly Brogan, MD

“For health conscious consumers, healthshares offer a much better alternative to health insurance. Excited to endorse Knew Health to my community and usher in a (k)new era of community, transparency and love into the healthcare system.”

Brian Agnew

“I’m a healthy person, but I was recently sent to get some blood work done and the bill for all the tests came out to $1,300. Needless to say, I was really stressed at the large expense and contacted Knew Health for help. Their team responded immediately, answered my questions and guided me through it all. With Knew Health, I only ended up paying $260!”

Amazing prices. Simple sign up.

30 seconds to get a savings estimate. It’s that easy.

Healthcare with Advantages

We know, you like to have it all. We’re all about sharing. Get spoiled with services only our members enjoy.

We’re just getting started. We’re always listening to our members and researching to improve our resources.

Medical Cost Sharing
Billing concierge services
24-hours Telemedicine Video/Phone consultation
2nd opinion services
Free health coaching
35% discount on supplements
Discounted lab services
Discount on other health promoting resources

How Knew Health works

What’s Knew Health all about?

Knew Health busts the broken health insurance model. By avoiding the bureaucracy of healthcare, our model provides a sharing membership that you can afford, gives you freedom and peace of mind.

So, what the heck is Health Cost sharing?

Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance corporation, you contribute monthly to a shared Community fund. If medical needs happen, your expenses are shared through this Community fund. This is the way monthly costs are lower than typical insurance premiums, saving you 30-70%
on healthcare.

Why is health cost sharing better than health insurance?

It’s all about you, not the insurance corporations and bureaucrats. You’re in total control, freedom to choose health providers, really affordable, no huge deductions.

Alright, just get to it, how much does this cost?

Membership options start at just $169 a month. And our savings calculator can give an instant savings estimate. We are constantly offering attractive promotions so it’s always the perfect time to join – check our Facebook page for current deals.

Ready for simple, worry-free health care?

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