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What is kNew Health?


kNew Health is a newly available health network dedicated to helping you feel better again. Our patient-centered approach combines the latest in online capabilities with a caring group of medically-supervised certified health coaches, to ensure you get to the root cause of your ailments while creating optimal health for life.

“I am feeling so much better with less congestion. I don’t even need the antihistamine now. I can’t believe it. I know I am sleeping better as a result too.  Truly am shocked at the difference.” – kNew Member 2017

“I have to share some good news! I have not had a migraine since August, and I was heading into this weekend with a high potential.  I was sure I would get one. But I started doing what you recommended … and it never happened and I was so grateful. So thank you. “kNew Member 2017


Functional medicine is the “lens” through which we look at your illness or health challenge. In functional medicine, we use proven systems and diagnositics to identify the root cause of your condition, and the steps that most reliably support healing.

It’s the best and least invasive way known to medical science to relieve symptoms and resolve ailments whilst preventing, whenever possible, their recurrence. Your medically-supervised certified health coach is extensively trained to advise you, and also knows when to refer you to a medical doctor if needed.


In our patient-centered care model, the guidance given to support you will be individual, based not only on your symptoms, but other aspects of your personal background such as nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits, stress levels, medical history, genetics, lab work, etc. You can expect to be treated with kindness, compassion and sincere interest within our virtual platform, just like you would be in person.


The best way to reduce your health costs is to remain healthy! Most of the time, the cost of being a kNew Health member will be a fraction of what you would otherwise pay to have your condition diagnosed and treated at a clinic or by a doctor who knows little about you and is focused solely on symptoms, not causes.

Patient-centered medicine is innately affordable because it focuses on root-cause resolution of ailments while empowering long-term health creation.


You can easily connect with your medically-supervised health coach from wherever you may be via phone, video chat or text. You can schedule your introductory visit and all follow-ups at times that are convenient for you.

That’s right, no more waiting weeks for an appointment and no more long waiting room delays.


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