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Health care. Not sick care.

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America’s healthcare system is broken.

We spend more and get less. But there’s a better way to pay for healthcare.

We aren’t insurance. We’re a wellness-focused Community that shares in each others unexpected medical expenses and provides Membership Advantages.

So you don’t have to navigate large, unexpected healthcare costs alone.

We provide what you need to focus on your unique health and wellness, so you live your best life.

With our cost saving resources, you can choose and invest in the right preventive care for you so you can avoid costly, chronic conditions down the road.

We were founded in 2017 by Joshua Rosenthal and associates in the pursuit of bringing affordability, choice, transparency, and reassurance to healthcare.

Be a part of transforming the way the world pays for expenses and be empowered to take ownership of your healthcare experience and wellness journey with Knew Health.

Put money back in your pocket.

Use our easy savings calculator to find out how much you can save with Knew Health.

Wondering if Knew Health is right for you?

Real people. Real stories. Real savings.

Holly L.

Member since 2018

“I love having more control over where I spend my healthcare dollars.”

“I’ll soon be able to leave my corporate job and won’t have to worry about health coverage”

Kristina K.

Member since 2018

“The healthcare system isn’t working for millions of Americans, especially young people. The inflated prices, the focus on “sick care” rather than “well care”. It’s time for a change!”

Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd

Founder of Knew Health, Founder of Institute for Integrative Nutrition

It’s not insurance. It’s reassurance

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