Self Care » Why ‘Nutritional Momentum’ Is so Important for Gut Health

Why ‘Nutritional Momentum’ Is so Important for Gut Health

We all know how the principal works. The more momentum we gain, whether that be with working out or with other habits, the easier it is to keep going. This concept can be applied to nutrition as well.

Check out the “nutritional momentum” concept from gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, MD, here.

While nutrition alone may not be enough to avoid medical issues, eating a diet rich in a variety of different plants increases your ability to have a healthier, happier gut. As Dr. Bulsiewicz reiterates, “you are what you eat”.

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Joshua Rosenthal MScED is a visionary in health and wellness. He is founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online higher education school where students are trained as Health Coaches. Founded in 1992, the school has a global community of 100,000 graduates in 155 countries worldwide. Joshua is the author of many books and holds a Masters of Science degree in Education.