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Get your green on

Yesterday was National Green Juice Day (1/24), and at Knew Health, we fully endorse starting your
morning with a tall glass of green goodies – it doesn’t necessarily have to be juice. Smoothies are a great,
accessible option if you don’t have a juicer.

So why green juice? In a nutshell, it’s an easy way to put a ton of nutrients into a format that’s easier for
your body to digest and absorb nutrients. There are also plenty of health benefits, which we’ve tried to
summarize below.

Most importantly, we love how customizable green juices and smoothies are! You can change up the
main components depending on what’s in your fridge – spinach, kale, celery and cucumbers are
generally great starting points. If you’re working with a blender, Magic Bullet, or food processor, make
sure you’re starting with a liquid base like coconut water or almond milk.

As with all pieces of a health and wellness journey, we love that you can create green concoctions that
work for you and your needs.

Regardless of your needs, here are a few universal health benefits of green juice and smoothies:

  1. Improved energy. When you start your morning with a glass of green juice, it provides you with
    sustainable energy throughout the rest of your day, and can help prevent overdoing it on
    caffeine (since you’re less likely to reach for that second or third cup of coffee).
  2. Antioxidants. If you’re mixing together fruits and veggies, you’re getting antioxidants, no doubt
    about that. Antioxidants are especially important during the cold winter months during a
    pandemic, so you can ensure you’re boosting your immune system, and empowering your body
    to maintain key nutrients and fight off toxins.
  3. Hydration. Green juice is loaded with green veggies that store lots of water and provide an
    amazing hydration boost to the 2-3 liters of water you’re drinking daily. If you’re struggling to
    drink enough water every day, definitely start incorporating this into your diet to support
    staying hydrated!
  4. Weight Loss. A green juice or smoothie can be a whole meal. Breakfast, lunch, even post-
    workout – the power combo of fruits and veggies fills you up and keeps you full longer. You’ve
    probably heard of juice cleanses, but even replacing one meal a day with a green juice or
    smoothie can support you in losing a few extra pounds.

If making your own green juice isn’t your style, you can find some at your grocery store – some chains carry fresh pressed juice, which we endorse, but there are also a few brands that sell ready-made juice or smoothies in single-serving bottles. These can be a great option as well, but  always be sure you’re checking the ingredients to avoid sugar-heavy drinks. 

Now it’s your turn! Make your own green concoctions and post them on Instagram – be sure to tag us at @knew_health and tell us why you chose the ingredients you did!

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