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3.14 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Like most holidays, Pi Day is centered around one thing: food. But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the festivities or compromise your healthy diet. 

Here are 3.14 of our favorite nutritious pie tips that you can use today, and every day!

#1: Lighten the crust.

When it comes to pie’s unhealthy reputation, the biggest culprit is actually not the delicious filling, but the crust! Most recipes swear by using butter and white flour to achieve a perfectly crispy crust. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your crust a little healthier without compromising on taste.

  • Not using a top crust cuts down on the amount of fat and refined flour that you’re consuming. 
  • Incorporating finely chopped nuts into your crust not only boosts the flavor but also adds some extra nutrients.
  • You can even forgo the crust altogether and bake the pie directly in the apple for an individual healthy dessert.

#2: Take advantage of what’s in-season.

Skip the cream and chess pies and opt for a fruit pie instead, using your favorite fruit that’s in-season. In-season fruits and vegetables generally have more nutrients than those that are out-of-season. As an added bonus, fruits that are ripe and in-season also tend to be sweeter, allowing you to cut down on the amount of sugar in the recipe.

Don’t know what’s in season? This blog post tells you which pie to bake each month of the year.

#3 Use healthy swaps.

You’re probably no stranger to healthy baking swaps, but which ones can you utilize in a pie recipe? Here are some of our favorites…

  • Instead of: Butter, Try: Olive oil or melted coconut oil.
  • Instead of: White flour, Try: Substituting up to ½ whole wheat flour, substituting up to ½ whole rolled oats, or using a flour alternative such as almond or oat flour.
  • Instead of: Graham crackers, Try: Your favorite high-fiber cereal.
  • Instead of: White sugar, Try: Brown sugar, maple syrup, or dates—like this healthier version of pecan pie.

#3.14 Moderation is key.

This tip doesn’t get a full 4.0 because it’s all about moderation. Like any dessert, portioning your pie is key. Even with these nutritious tips, you probably don’t want to be licking the pie pan clean at the end of the day. A slice of pie is traditionally ⅛ of a 9-inch pie pan, but if one slice of a healthy pie won’t satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for a smaller slice of a less healthy pie instead to ward off future cravings.

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