We get it. Drinking water is not always a priority (or a big thrill). Yet, staying hydrated is key to so many cellular and bodily functions.


Thankfully, there are simple new technologies that make getting enough water a no-brainer.


My Water Balance—simple to use, just set up your daily goal for water intake and track your drinking habits. It interfaces with Apple Health too, so you have all that information in one place.


Waterlogged—similar to My Water Balance, this app allows you to set your goal, add customizable water glass/bottle sizes and sends reminders as you track your progress by day, week or year. This app integrates with Fitbit for seamless recording.


Why we love these apps:  

Both apps make keeping track of your water intake a snap. They can send you reminders and interface with Apple Health or Fitbit and are available for Android and IOS.


Go ahead.give it a try and see how much more water you drink when you are using a daily tracker!