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What is Knew Health

By: Mai T. Trinh MS Global Health, CHHC, Founder of Mai Health Now LLC. 

According to the latest Census, 27.5 million Americans did not have any type of health insurance at any point during the year. Furthermore, the rate of uninsured Americans has been trending upward since 2017. This troubling statistic begs the question: why are millions of Americans living without health insurance? The answer is cost, and Knew Health is the solution.

Many people would never consider owning a car without buying an auto insurance policy. Why would you go through life without doing the same for your health? In fact, reasonably priced auto insurance allows people to invest in a car without a second thought. However, for large unforeseen medical needs, millions of Americans are not prepared. Are you one of them?

Fortunately, there is a solution-driven health insurance alternative that provides peace of mind for your healthcare needs. Knew Health offers affordable options that work on a medical cost sharing model. As a member of Knew Health, you join a community of health-minded individuals who have taken a new path, choosing freedom and control in their personal healthcare decisions.

In this model, members join the sharing community and contribute monthly to a community fund. Then, if unexpected, high medical costs are incurred, the member pays an Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) and submits remaining bills to the community, which then shares funds back to that member to pay their bills. It’s as simple and effective as that.

Let’s take John as an example. John is healthy, in his mid-30s and he chose the $1000 IUA. John was in a car accident and ended up with $77,525 in medical bills, from the inpatient stay, anesthesia, surgery, prescriptions, and follow-up visits. With Knew Health, John only paid his $1000 IUA and $76,525 was shared with him from the community fund. John had a lot to worry about after his car accident, but finances were not a part of that.

Not only does Knew health allow you to choose your own IUA, but you also have the freedom to choose your healthcare providers without the limitations or ramifications of networks, with no waiting periods, and no lifetime or yearly caps.

Now, you can sleep better knowing that Knew Health offers affordable medical cost sharing services tailored for your needs.

For many Americans, health coverage is not a financial option. However, Knew Health provides simple pricing options, which makes safeguarding  your health and finances as stress-free as ordering car insurance.

Knew Health membership can cost as little as $142 a month depending on the options you choose. Moreover, determining your health sharing needs is as easy as going to Knew Health’s savings calculator. With Knew Health, you can breathe easier when it comes to your health care decisions.

As easy and affordable as car insurance for millions of Americans, Knew Health gives low price  options so you can safeguard your health.


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Mai Trinh


Mai T. Trinh is the Founder of Mai Health Now LLC, which helps busy individuals to boost their energy so they can be healthier, happier and more productive. Mai Health Now LLC teaches people how to put their health first by teaching individuals how to nourish their bodies. Mai earned a Master’s in Science in Global Health. In addition, Mai is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and received her training and certifications in Holistic Health Counseling from the Teachers College at Columbia University and at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Mai teaches chronic disease prevention and leads seminars on an array of topics including meditation and stress management throughout the DC Metro Area for more than a decade. In her practice, she has served as a Corporate Wellness Speaker at universities, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.