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Health Cost Sharing 101

You have lower medical expenses so why pay the same as people with high expenses?

Because you’re relatively healthy, you’re happy (and so are we) that you don’t need to go to the doctor that often.  You’re looking for a solution that gives you peace of mind in the unexpected case that a larger medical issue or accident arises for you or your family.  But you don’t want to be over-paying for coverage you don’t use and, by doing so, subsidizing the monthly, yearly, even daily; medical needs of people with high medical expenses across the country.

If this describes you, then we have good news for you.
There is an alternative! In fact, we think it’s likely to be the alternative you’ve been searching for.
And now it’s here.


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Joshua Rosenthal


Joshua Rosenthal MScED is a visionary in health and wellness. He is founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online higher education school where students are trained as Health Coaches. Founded in 1992, the school has a global community of 100,000 graduates in 155 countries worldwide. Joshua is the author of many books and holds a Masters of Science degree in Education.