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The Pros and Cons of Knew Health

We speak to hundreds of people everyday that are interested in a better way to manage healthcare expenses. That includes being able to see the type of practitioners and receive care that’s right for them. They’re tired of our broken system where we pay exorbitant amounts for very little in return. If we don’t have coverage, we feel insecure. If something catastrophic happens, then we’re gambling if we don’t have coverage. But we’re already gambling because we pay so much for a service we may never use.


There is a better way, a new way of doing things. So let’s tell it like we see it. Full transparency.


What is Knew Health?


Knew Health provides a very different way to approach healthcare. We aren’t insurance. Instead, we are a community of members made up of individuals, families, and businesses dedicated to minimizing and managing our healthcare costs. Our Memberships are month-to-month and work the same way in-state, out-of-state, and internationally.


To participate, Members make a monthly financial contribution that goes into our Community Fund. It is this fund that allows Members to share their general wellness costs, unexpected medical costs, telehealth visits, free health coaching, annual allowances for additional health and wellness costs, and so much more.



So you aren’t health insurance? 


No, we aren’t. We are an alternative that prioritizes daily wellness and obtaining the most fair and reasonable costs for healthcare. In fact, our Members love that we aren’t insurance because it actually opens up a lot of doors. Our Members have complete control and flexibility over their healthcare. They choose their own providers without the limitations of networks or referrals. Whether your provider is conventional or alternative, you choose what works for you. 


And because all of our Members are self-pay patients, we have the opportunity to get discounted rates and increased leverage to negotiate large bills. We average a 46% reduction in medical bills through negotiations alone.


Our Members love that their monthly contributions, or monthly healthcare expenses, are going to help other people. Monthly contributions go to sharing Member’s medical bills instead of profiting a large corporation. 


And because it’s a monthly membership, you can add or remove dependents each month, or cancel at any time, so there are no long-term obligations.


If I don’t have health insurance, won’t that make it a difficult experience at a doctor’s office or in a hospital?


While it may be a new experience to go without an insurance card, we’ll educate you to be confident self-pay patients. We’ll help you find providers that get you the best quality care at the best cost (but ultimately, you get to choose). We’ll teach you how to be a pro when speaking with hospital and office staff. And we’ll ensure that you know exactly what paperwork you need so you can share medical costs with ease.


How does sharing medical expenses work?


By having our community of members share in all medical needs, we effectively manage healthcare costs. When you join (it only takes a few minutes), you’ll select a fixed amount that ranges from $500 to $5000. This fixed amount is the financial amount you’ll be responsible for if you have unexpected medical costs, like an injury, an illness, or a pregnancy. It’s important to note that these fixed amounts apply per unique medical condition. Fixed amounts are capped at a maximum of 3 per Membership per year, so if you develop more than one unique, unrelated medical condition in a year, your fixed amount could apply more than once, but never more than 3 times a year.


The fixed amount you select isn’t the amount you pay per month. What you pay per month is determined by your age, whether you are an individual or family, as well as the fixed amount that meets your needs. You can request your pricing options here.


If you have an unexpected medical event, like a broken bone or cancer diagnosis, you’ll be responsible for paying your fixed amount first, and the rest of the eligible costs for that medical condition will be shared among our members. We minimize the financial impact on you, and you know ahead of time exactly what you’ll pay. So there are no surprises. And you’re never alone. 


That’s what our Members keep referring to as peace of mind.


Do you have an example?


It always helps to see it broken down. Let’s say you select a fixed amount of $1000 when you enroll, and a few months into Membership, you end up needing emergency surgery because of a digestive issue. This medical condition results in a hospital stay, surgery, prescription medications, follow-up visits, and lab work to recover, totaling $60,000 in medical costs.


One of the first things that our team will do is attempt to negotiate large bills on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the most fair and reasonable costs possible. We average a 46% reduction in medical costs through negotiation, so let’s say that the final cost is $30,000.


You would only be responsible for paying for $ 1,000 of those costs (the fixed amount you selected), and we would share $29,000 with you from the Community Fund to resolve the remaining bills. Please note we do not pay providers directly. You will receive the funds so that you can resolve the medical bill. This model limits that impact on you and minimizes the impact on all members by sharing in the cost. It is also important to note that we suggest that our members do not pay for the more expensive bills (over $1,000) at the time of service since we cannot negotiate larger bills once they have already been paid.


What costs can be shared and what can’t?


Medical costs that are unexpected can be shared. This could be a new illness, injury, or pregnancy, so anything from acute appendicitis or cancer diagnosis to accidents like a broken leg, as well as maternity costs.


We also share in general wellness care. This would include costs like annual wellness visits, well-woman visits, well-child visits, standard immunizations, lab work, and mammograms. First meeting fixed amounts do not apply to sharing in general wellness care. You can start managing these costs right away.


We also share free 24/7 telehealth care for general medical concerns. Most of our members will use Teladoc, and they have unlimited access when medical concerns arise.


In recognition of how passionate our Members are about their health, we also offer Memberships an additional annual allowance per year to put towards the health or wellness costs of their choice, like acupuncture or chiropractic care. The supplemental allowance can also be used for gym memberships, additional lab work, or massage therapy.


To help our members stay healthy and live the best, they have access to Fiton the industry leader in virtual fitness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and meal planning. 


What else do we offer?


We are currently offering our members a one-year free subscription to Wellzyperks, which provides exclusive deals and discounts on top health and wellness brands, including Headspace, Weight Watchers, The Vitamin Shoppe, Bulletproof, KIND Snacks, Daily Harvest, Primal Kitchen, Sunbasket, Alaskan Salmon Company, Ninja, Shark, and many more. 



Some medical costs are daunting, like cancer treatments. They can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Could I ever be capped on how much you would share with me?


No, there are no sharing caps or maximums. When we talk about peace of mind and never being alone, we really mean it.


Have there been times when members couldn’t afford to share in everyone’s medical bills?


There has never been a time when we have not been able to share our Member’s medical bills. We have protocols in place to handle this scenario, but we have such a great community that continues to share each month, so the community fund continues to grow and will only ever be used to share in our members’ medical bills.


What is truly unique about Knew Health?


Most organizations are focused on faith or profit. We don’t require or limit Membership on beliefs. We simply encourage our Members to be dedicated to their health and to participate in getting fair and reasonable rates for care. When we’re healthy, we’re happier. And saving money doesn’t hurt either.


With our members focused on health improvement, we avoid high medical costs, which keeps monthly costs low for everybody. And with our savvy concierge team, we avoid the inflation of medical costs.


Our Members work with our health coaches regularly to get no-cost, individual, one-on-one guidance to identify health and personal development goals so we’re all living our best lives. We offer 2 no-cost health coaching sessions per membership per year.


They also use our extensive discounts on lab work to proactively understand what is going on in their bodies and even identify when things may be off. By combining this awareness with our heavily discounted supplements (35% off MSRP), they’re saving hundreds of dollars, if not more, every year while optimizing their health.


But the most unique and important aspect of our Knew Health is what our Members are doing with the money they’re saving through us. They’re investing in preventive care, organic foods, fitness and wellness classes. They’re investing in themselves.


So, if there’s no contractual obligation, like with health insurance, how do I know that this system will be there when I need it?


This is a very fair question. We truly are an affiliation that is built on trust, and we’re all ready to do things differently. All eligible medical costs that have been submitted to date have been shared in full, and we have guidelines in place to manage months in which the medical costs of members would exceed monthly contributions. And we are constantly expanding our resources with additional emergency funds.


We are not like large corporations. Your service and ability to share expenses is our highest priority. 


And we can’t compliment our Concierge Support Teams enough. You’ll always be able to talk with our team to ensure that you have the support and help you need every step of the way, from just starting out as a member to submitting your first healthcare expenses. If you should need it, our team is available for price shopping and making sure that you are quoted with a reasonable self-pay rate for services.


We also work to share quickly. We’re averaging sharing costs within 7-14 days of receiving requests.


If you can do things differently, then so can we. We’ll work with you to find a solution to issues that may arise.


I’m used to just handing over an insurance card when I go to the doctor. Will this be more work?


We’re working to address the cause of inflated healthcare costs and decreased freedom with healthcare choices. We’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll soon be a pro at getting the most out of your healthcare, and you’ll have the control you’ve been looking for. The more informed we are in the healthcare system, the better decisions we can make when it comes to our health.


How do I make the most of Knew Health?


You get out what you put into it. Our Members are invested and ready to make a healthier change. So jump right in when you join. Get your health coaching sessions scheduled and take advantage of all of our services! Make sure to join our webinars, which focus on different aspects of your health and wellness!


Identify areas of your health that you want to focus on and get some of our proactive specialty lab kits and panels under your belt to really see what is going on in your body and how you can improve to feel better. You can even get recommendations on supplements, from joint health to hormonal health. There are regimens you can get started on right away!


Take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate your healthcare providers or stay where you’re at because you’ve already found one that focuses on you. Make a list of what you could do with your savings so you can invest in life’s most valuable asset, your health.


Our goal is empowerment, transparency, and providing you with a Membership that promotes your health and affords you peace of mind so you can face the day without worry. To take the next step and get all of your questions answered, please reach out to our Team via chat, [email protected] or 855-542-0050. Or check out our FAQ and be sure to Request Your Pricing below!

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