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Shining a Light on Direct Primary Care: Health Suite 110


Welcome to the Knew Health DPC series, where we shine a light on a different Direct Primary Care practice around the country that shares our vision of accessible, affordable healthcare on your terms. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a business model in healthcare that doesn’t include insurance, claims, billing, or third parties. At the core is a strong doctor-patient relationship. This month, our spotlight takes us to Overland Park, Kansas, to tell you all about Health Suite 110 Direct Primary Care. Read on to learn more about this amazing primary care practice and why we can’t help but support what they do!

About the Practice


Health Suite 110 patients pay an affordable monthly membership fee to gain unlimited access to primary care services. Without insurance companies in the middle, the physicians and nurses partner directly with their patients, eliminating the barrier and making it a more straightforward process. 

The practice first opened its doors in 2015 with 20 patients and has grown considerably in size, reaching the 1000 mark threshold in just three years. They see patients of all ages and stages in life as they continue to grow year after year, primarily by word of mouth.

Health Suite 110 DPC welcomes individuals, families, and small local businesses to join. Businesses that enroll together can essentially use Health Suite 110 as their company doctor. With no wait time and virtual access, employees don’t need to miss much work when a medical issue arises. A healthier workforce means lower absenteeism and happier customers. 

When asked why she co-founded Health Suite 110, Dr. Kylie Vannaman, MD, told us, “I was disenchanted with medicine after being treated like just a cog in the wheel that is our American health care system. I considered quitting medicine altogether, but thank goodness I found DPC instead!”


About the Team


Four board-certified Family Medicine physicians and three experienced RNs make up the Health Suite 110 Team. The seven individuals work together in a unique and uplifting environment. They pride themselves on being accessible and offering a personalized primary care experience. A visit with one of the team members averages 30 to 60 minutes in length, as opposed to a seven or eight-minute visit that is common in primary care today. 

They even offer house calls which seem to be a standard of the past. While the mission of Direct Primary Care is to improve the doctor-patient relationship, we think Health Suite 110 has gone above and beyond by embodying its mission to “restore the heart of medicine-one relationship at a time.”


What Makes Health Suite 110 Unique


You may wonder how they can provide such unique and personalized care. In a traditional system, primary care providers manage 3,000 or more patients each. In a blog article about her switch to Direct Primary Care, Dr. Vannaman recalls seeing her “once-compassionate” primary care colleagues get burned out by the healthcare system.

In contrast, the Team at Health Suite 110 manages a patient panel size of hundreds, not thousands, enabling each to be directly accessible to every patient that walks through their door. They answer the phones themselves, return calls between patients, respond to texts, and become part of a long-term relationship with their patients. According to one patient testimonial, “Imagine emailing, texting, and actually talking to YOUR doctor on the phone!” It’s simple, providing better patient access, longer appointment times, and no claims, resulting in better quality healthcare.

No-cost in-house procedures, same-day appointments, wholesale labs and medications, after-hours access, tele-visits, direct access to doctors, and an onsite pharmacy are just a few resources that a monthly Health Suite 110 Membership offers patients.


A Better Environment 


When the barriers to healthcare are removed, the clinic environment also improves. Imagine an environment of physicians and nurses so passionate about their patients and life’s work that they have taken a leap of faith in a new kind of business model, DPC. Dr. Vannaman and the rest of her Team have created an environment at Health Suite 110 filled with passion, enthusiasm, and out-of-the-box thinking that have replaced the burnout and frustration that came with their previous clinic jobs. 

You can experience this kind of positive environment when you walk through the doors and are greeted by the physicians and nurses themselves. Or when you speak with patients who say: “these are doctors that are driven by a higher calling,” “Here, you are valued, listened to, and truly cared for.”

The bottom line is: happy doctors, happy nurses, happy patients, better healthcare.


Back to the Basics


According to Dr. Vannaman, “Since our income does not rely on face-to-face office visits, our priority is helping people stay healthy – and out of our office – rather than sick and constantly returning for visits. And since we aren’t relying on all the ancillary testing and medications to pay our bills, there’s no ulterior motive when we do need to order something.”

It’s a focus on health care rather than sick care. That’s what healthcare should be.

“DPC allows medicine to return to where it should be – between a patient and their physician without the interference by 3rd parties who are motivated by things OTHER than what’s in the best interest of the patient.” Dr. Vannaman has said.


Knew Health and Health Suite 110


At Knew Health, we can’t think of a better match: Our Knew Health Membership complements a Health Suite 110 DPC Membership perfectly for a comprehensive healthcare experience. The two memberships combined are often half the cost of most typical healthcare plans. 

Our Membership picks up where DPC leaves off and fills in the gaps. We provide annual allowances to help with costs outside your DPC Membership. Best of all, Knew Health members receive a 10% discount on their monthly Membership when paired with a Health Suite 110 Membership. It’s our way of showing you how much we value DPCs and their approach to healthcare. 

At Knew Health, we support our Members’ choices when it comes to their providers. That’s why we don’t have any network restrictions. Call us today at 855-542-0050 or schedule a one-on-one call with our Care Team so we help you pair your Membership with a DPC Membership near you. 

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