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Healthcare with Advantages – Personalized Health Coaching

At Knew Health, we care about our Community. This means empowering our Members and soon-to-be Members with the information they need in order to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

We also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health and wellness. Because of this, we offer personalized health coaching services to help you navigate your wellness journey.

Our health coaches are trained to help you make positive, sustainable, health-supporting changes to your life. Think of our coaches as your personal sounding board for all topics related to your health – everything from diet, exercise, and sleep to daily routines and environment.

With our coaches, your health is viewed more holistically than in a traditional medical setting, so all factors of your life are taken into account. This includes your emotional wellness, your sleeping patterns, your diet and exercise routine, and more.

Why do I need a Health Coach?

A health coach has a different role than a medical doctor – and this can be a good thing.

Think about it: in a 15-minute appointment with your primary care provider, you’re unlikely to cover issues like diet, fitness, emotional, and mental health. Doctors seldom have time to touch base and ask how you’re sleeping, exercising, and eating. Because time is limited, you’ll focus on your most pressing issues, like an illness or injury. While physicians can address your most urgent needs, this time squeeze means that they won’t pick up on issues with your lifestyle.

This is a huge problem, because your lifestyle – including your sleep habits, diet, and emotional state – affects your health. If an unhealthy lifestyle or pattern goes unaddressed, it can lead to long-term health conditions, which means more stress, illness, and expenses down the line.

For example, we know that poor sleep suppresses the immune system. Your doctor will be able to treat your recurring staph infections or strep throat, but without adequate time, they might not figure out why you keep falling ill in the first place. If your doctor did delve into your sleep health, they might be able to suggest a solution for that problem, thus helping your immune system stay healthy and fight against infections before you become extremely ill.

Our health coaches fill that vital gap in the healthcare system that most physicians don’t have time to address.

Our Medical Cost Sharing model means that we’re there for you when you need to pay those medical bills – but we want to help you prevent the need to visit the emergency room in the first place. As such, our health coaches help you take a holistic approach to your wellness so that you can prevent illness. 

What is health coaching?

A health coach is a trained professional that will help you set and achieve health and wellness goals that will benefit you in the long run. As a Knew Health Member, you’ll enjoy free one-on-one coaching with our trained health coaches.

Although they are not doctors, they are able to help you make better decisions for your mental and physical wellness. For example, they can help you figure out:

  • Which aspects of your lifestyle need improving
  • How to improve those aspects of your lifestyle
  • What your main obstacles are when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • How to set wellness goals and work towards those goals
  • How to create healthy routines
  • How to use the benefits of your Knew Health Membership to your advantage
  • When it’s time to see a doctor or specialist

With your Knew Health Coach, you can discuss:

  • Your sleeping patterns, bedtime routine, and sleep hygiene
  • Your eating habits
  • Your exercise routine and goals
  • Your mental and emotional health
  • Your self-care routine
  • Your job or relationship goals
  • Or any other aspect of life that affects your health

For example, if you’re struggling with anxiety, you might find that exercise helps you – but exercising regularly can be difficult. Your coach might help you figure out what exercises you really enjoy so that you stick with it. Together with your health coach, you can set exercising goals and figure out how to create a routine so that exercising becomes an automatic and enjoyable part of your day. The next time you meet with your health coach, you can discuss whether you reached those goals and how to move forward.

Talking to someone about your health gives you time to reflect and take stock of your life. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you probably put your health on the backburner sometimes. These sessions give you time to think about your health and how to prioritize your wellness.

The beauty of being human is that every one of us is unique. Our bodies, needs, and lifestyles vary. For this reason, generalized health and wellness advice doesn’t work for most people. By giving you one-on-one time, your health coach can help you figure out how to create positive changes that work for you.

The benefits of our approach to Health Coaching

How exactly can our personalized health coaching help you? Here are a few benefits of this approach.


A one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness just doesn’t cut it. Health coaches know that you are the expert of your own life and body, and they trust you to set the right goals for yourself. Their role isn’t to discipline or punish you, but to provide support and recommend positive changes to test out together. It’s a flexible system that works for you and empowers you.


It can be hard to hold ourselves accountable for the changes we want and need to make in our lives. Health coaches are the perfect third-party people to keep you honest about your goals and progress. Because you set the schedule of when you meet, you’ll be able to set some medium- and long-term goals along with your coach and discuss whether you’ve reached them or not.


The focus is on long-term health and wellness, not just quick fixes. As mentioned, physicians seldom have the time to discuss lifestyle changes with you, let alone check in on those goals. But, by making positive changes with your health coach cheering you on, you can make sustainable changes and work towards protecting your health in the future.


Not only do health coaches keep you honest – they lift you up! It’s so important to have someone to celebrate with, and it’s extra rewarding to hear positive feedback from someone who has a holistic understanding of your journey to date. Celebrating your health wins, big or small, is essential for making sustainable lifestyle changes.


Your health coach is not a doctor, but they are a wealth of knowledge. As trained coaches, they can advise you on how to set and achieve your goals. They can also direct you towards resources if you need more information or a healthcare practitioner’s opinion. If you have worrying symptoms, they can recommend that you see a doctor.

Beyond Health Coaching: What Knew Health Members can expect

We’re exceptionally proud of our health coaching services and there are so many other services that we offer with wide-reaching health advantages that will help you work towards a healthier, happier life, save on medical costs, and improve your overall well-being.

Life Coaching

In addition to Health Coaching, we offer Life Coaching services. Our Life Coaches will help you set goals and create actionable plans so that you can achieve them. Whether you want to focus on moving up in your career or improving your personal finances, our Life Coaches can advise you on working towards your dreams.

Discounts on supplements

Many people take dietary supplements as a part of their daily routine. Supplements can be especially helpful for those with deficiencies, limited diets, or certain illnesses. Through Knew Health, our Members get generous discounts on supplements.

Discounted lab work

When it comes to identifying illnesses and health conditions, lab work trumps guesswork every time. Regular lab work can help you figure out the root cause of persistent symptoms and pick up on issues before they make you sick.

Unfortunately, lab work can be quite costly. We offer our Members free and discounted lab tests. For example, you can access the extremely important fasting insulin test for free through our lab partner.

Free fitness resources

We all know that exercise is beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. To help you on your fitness journey, we offer you access to fitness resources like virtual yoga and meditation through New York’s Breathe Yoga Studios and qigong with The Chi Center’s Master Mingtong Gu.

24/7 telemedicine

COVID-19 has shown us how valuable telemedicine can be. Going into the future, telemedicine will continue to be helpful to those in rural areas, those too ill to leave their homes, and anyone who can’t access in-person telemedicine.

Our service enables you to request an appointment and talk to a licensed physician in your state. If necessary, they can even prescribe medication. This is a 24/7 service that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Bill negotiation

Do you know that many medical bills can be negotiated? Unfortunately, bill negotiation can be a time-consuming and intimidating process.

Our experts negotiate bills down so that you don’t have to. This reduces your expenses and saves money for our entire cost-sharing Community. We’re proud to say that, to date, we’ve seen an average of 49% reduction in medical bills thanks to our negotiation service.

Medical Cost Sharing

Some of the most stressful things in life for us are the things we can’t anticipate, like accidents and illnesses. That’s why Knew Health has the Medical Cost Sharing Community, to share in unexpected, large medical costs of our Members to limit the financial burden on everyone. Knew Health defines peace of mind as no sharing maximums or caps and over $33 million in costs shared to date.

With Knew Health, you’re guaranteed to enjoy peace of mind with our simple, affordable cost-sharing model. You have the freedom to choose the Membership that’s right for you within an inclusive community. You’ll also get access to Health Coaching and a range of other services.

Knew Health is so much more

We’re not just about Medical Cost Sharing or Billing Negotiation services – we want to enrich the lives of our Members and help them make sustainable, positive changes in their lives. Find out for yourself and become a Member today.

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