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How’s your microbiome?

Eating fiber is an important part of maintaining gut health, but it’s also important to help your body produce the right variety of bacteria to supplement a healthy gut – these are called probiotics. 

Probiotic supplements are always an option and Knew Health Members get a 35% discount on MSRP on over 20,000 supplements. But we also know that we can get probiotics naturally through food too! And for those of you who are committed to a healthy lifestyle – like the Knew Health Community – you know that diet changes are an important part of holistic health and wellness. 

You can find probiotics in most fermented foods – vegetables, soybeans, etc. – which are key to diversifying the healthy bacteria in your gut. Here are a few of our favorites:

4 Foods That Are Natural Probiotics:

Yogurt: This is probably the most common probiotic food, but make sure you’re reading the label! Yogurt that has been heavily processed does not contain live probiotics – look for those with active or live cultures and minimal additives and sugars. Pro tip: For those of you on antibiotics, yogurt is a great way to ensure your body is producing the right bacteria to battle negative side effects from those medications.

Miso: Miso is a popular Japanese seasoning with numerous health benefits. It’s made from fermented soybeans, and is delicious with soups, salads, or marinades. Sound familiar? You might remember our healthy miso soup recipe – a great place to start if you’re trying to incorporate this into your diet!

Kimchi: This traditional Korean side dish is made from fermented cabbage. It tastes great with salads, rice, or just about any protein, but if this doesn’t suit your tastebuds, pickles are another great option! Just make sure they have been brined in salt water to ensure they’re retaining the probiotics.

Kombucha: Tea alone has plenty of health benefits (you might remember that from our blog), but fermented tea is a whole other ball game! Kombucha often starts with a base of fermented black or green tea with a mix of natural herbs and flavorings – a melting pot of health benefits. Again, we recommend checking the label because some brands include more additives and added sugars which may negatively impact gut health (and health overall). 

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