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Achooooo! Holistic Approaches to Conquering Seasonal Allergies

It’s that time of year again. The weather is lovely, bees are buzzing, and perennials everywhere are blooming in shades of purple, orange, and yellow. 


While some people are thrilled to see the change of season is in full force, others suffer from bouts of sneezing, itching, congestion, and skin rashes triggered by seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies affect millions of Americans yearly and can make the transition of seasons difficult.


Conventional medications offer some relief but come with many side effects. As a result, more and more people are seeking holistic alternatives that address the root causes of these allergies. In this article, we delve into the world of holistic approaches, exploring natural remedies, lifestyle adjustments, and mindful practices that can alleviate the burden of seasonal allergies.


Start by pinpointing the problem


Avoiding the outdoors when your allergies are acting up is not practical. However, figuring out what may trigger your seasonal allergies and executing a plan is possible. Ragweed, pollen, and fresh-cut grass are common allergens in warmer months. Start by tuning into where and when your allergies are the worst–at night, in the morning, in your garden, walking out to your car, at the soccer field, or any other place. Keeping an “allergy diary” can help determine the source.


Another effective way to pinpoint the problem is through allergy testing. This can be done through convenient at-home allergen testing kits or by scheduling with a doctor who can perform the test right in their office. Allergy testing can provide specific answers to questions pinpointing the allergens causing discomfort.


Take charge indoors


Although the cause of your allergies can most likely be found outdoors, you can do several things indoors to ease your symptoms too. 


  • Shut your windows when allergen counts are high
  • Invest in a high-quality air purifier 
  • Change your air filters frequently, and be sure you’re using a HEPA filter
  • Remove shoes and change clothing when you enter your home
  • Change your bedsheets frequently
  • Run a humidifier at night
  • Dust your home more often than usual


Try some simple remedies


There are many simple home remedies that you can try to alleviate your seasonal allergies. Not all treatments will work for everyone, so try a few to see which ones make the most significant impact. You may find that combining multiple remedies keeps your symptoms at bay. Remember that everyone is different, and what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Factors such as where you live and your genetics can play a role in your allergies. Here are a few that you can try:   


  • Nasal irrigation – Use distilled or sterile water in a Neti Pot to flush out allergens from your nasal passages. Done twice a day during allergy season can help. 


  • Honey/bee pollen – While not a quick fix, consuming raw, local honey or bee pollen daily over time can help increase your tolerance to the local pollen that may be causing your allergies. 


  • Probiotics – Supporting your immune system by improving your gut health can significantly affect your seasonal allergies. Try increasing your consumption of probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha, or add a high-quality supplement to your diet.

  • Essential oils – Peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can combat many allergens in the air. Diffuse them in your home during the day and at night, add them to a carrier oil and apply them topically, drop them into a warm bath, or add them to your laundry. 


  • Quercetin This plant pigment and natural histamine is found in onions, grapes, berries, cherries, broccoli, cauliflower, and citrus fruits. Quercetin can also be taken as a liquid supplement during peak allergy season


  • Stinging Nettle – This plant is a natural antihistamine that you might find growing wild in your backyard. It’s known to sting you when you touch it, so wear your gardening gloves to harvest it if you find some. You can use the leaves of the plant to make stinging nettle tea. You can also purchase the dried herb or tea from a reputable online store.


Tweak your diet


What you put into your body always affects your health, including allergies. Spicy foods like hot sauce, cayenne pepper, ginger, and turmeric can work to clear out your nasal passages when seasonal allergies are causing you congestion.  


Other foods can worsen allergies, like dairy and dried fruit. These foods can cause swelling and enhance nasal congestion. Melon, banana, cucumber, sunflower seeds, and chamomile are also known to worsen allergy symptoms, so avoiding them during allergy season might be a good idea.


Some people find relief from an anti-inflammatory diet during allergy season, which can restore balance in your immune system. Research has proven that anti-inflammatory foods inhibit the release of histamines which cause allergies.  Reducing inflammatory foods and increasing anti-inflammatory could yield great results when it comes to your seasonal allergies. 


When in doubt, keep track of the foods you ingest to see if some foods trigger your symptoms more than others or whether you feel better after consuming them. 


Seek treatment


Sometimes, the symptoms of seasonal allergies become a major burden on everyday life. When you cannot enjoy the day-to-day and your symptoms become unbearable, it may be time to seek support from outside treatment. 


  • Chiropractic care– A visit to a chiropractor can be a long-term solution for some people. Regular adjustments can improve your body alignment, balancing your histamine and cortisol production. 
  • Acupuncture – Regular acupuncture sessions can reduce allergy symptoms by taking control of your immune system’s response to allergens. By leveraging the power of this ancient healing practice, you can regain control over your immune response and experience relief from seasonal allergy discomfort.


Final Thoughts


Embracing holistic approaches to tackle seasonal allergies can provide lasting relief and enhance your overall well-being. By addressing the root causes, adopting healthy lifestyle practices, and incorporating natural remedies, you can easily alleviate symptoms and enjoy the changing seasons. Don’t let seasonal allergies hold you back any longer. 


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Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to educate you about how to take care of your body and as a self-help tool for your own use to reach your health goals. It is not intended to treat or cure any specific illness and is not to replace the guidance provided by your own medical practitioner. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment. If you suspect you have a medical problem, we urge you to take appropriate action by seeking medical attention. 



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