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A Knew Health Story of Health Transformation: A Father’s Journey to Conquer his Pain and Reclaim His Best Life

Do you ever wake up and think: “I want to be sick, tired and overweight today?”

Of course not.

If you’re like most people, you wake up desiring a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Perhaps that means having a loving family, plenty of energy to get through the day, a job you love, financial security and time to spend doing the things that you enjoy.

So why don’t more of us have this happy, healthy and fulfilling life we desire?

If you are like most people, you go, go, go, all day (and some of us all night).

We work indoors, worry too much, sleep too little, listen to tragic news, sit mindlessly and eat food-like products while on the run.

We are out of sync with our bodies, overwhelmed in our minds and our hearts are sunken with defeat.

How can we work so hard to do it all and yet fail to have it all at the same time?

Meet Brandon, a 38 year old male, with a lovely wife and 2 healthy kids. He’s a home owner, office manager and is living the American Dream—just what we all wish and pray for.


…he is exhausted, in pain every day, anxious, can’t sleep, overweight, on meds and fearful his health will keep spiraling down.

Despite his efforts to lose weight and feel well, he found himself struggling daily.

He’s tried following the latest fads with strenuous exercise and promising diets, but he could not sustain them, which left him stuck.

The money, effort and time spent made him feel frustrated and defeated while creating more fatigue and pain.

He felt compelled to get off the vicious cycle that was leaving him drained, so Brandon joined Knew Health

Under physician-supervised calls, Brandon worked with a Knew Health Coach.

Together, they reviewed his history and lab work. They dug deep to uncover hidden clues as to what was keeping him stuck, and devised a plan he could easily commit to.

That’s the difference you get when working within an individual Knew Health Coaching program. In Brandon’s case, his coach really listened to what he wanted, and helped him find ways to reach his goals that were doable and sustainable.

Did Brandon make changes in his diet and lifestyle?

Yes! He was willing and happy to add in foods he loved that he had forgotten about, like sardines, wild caught fish, and grass fed meats.

He replaced poor quality kitchen-sink supplements with high quality ones, specific to his individual nutritional needs.

After replacing energy drinks and soda with water, he immediately experienced less brain fog, more energy and some weight loss.

He learned how to shop for nutrient-dense food, how to prepare meals and the importance of getting the whole family involved in cooking.

He learned the value of nature, breathing, chewing and appropriate movement. “Now I can do what I want.” he says.

Simple changes led to big results for Brandon…

Brandon is back to playing his guitar, going camping and playing outside with his kids. He feels less stressed overall.

He reported, “My biggest change is less chronic pain and no headaches!”Which was a top priority for him in coming to Knew Health.

He also has more energy, has lost over 25lbs and has reduced his antacid medication.

He feels re-connected with his wife and is enjoying his kids while acting as a healthy role model.

He has expressed his surprise in all the positive changes he feels, just from following the suggestions given each time he spoke to his coach.

Brandon is also spreading his newfound experience of health to his co-workers, by instituting team building activities and providing his staff with healthy snack choices.

Brandon is paying it forward, and feels he’s now finally living the dream.

A Special Note of Encouragement from our Knew Health Coaching Team

This is a very typical story of one of our clients who, with the support of a Knew Health Coach, experienced the healing power of diet and lifestyle changes.

At Knew Health, we recognize each individual is unique.

Our approach is to put you in charge of your health. And to support you with Health & Wellness Coaches. We hope to empower each person to discover which lifestyle and behavioral changes will create their ultimate health transformation.

If you’re struggling with fatigue, pain and an inability to lose weight (like Brandon), it’s not your fault, and we’re here to help.

Click here to visit our Advantages page and discover more about Knew Health. You’ll receive free health coaching when you join our community.

We’d love to help you regain your energy and confidence so you can live your best life.

-The Knew Health Coaching Team

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