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A KNEW Story of Health Transformation: Overcoming a Lifelong Battle with Sleep

Despite considering herself “a pretty healthy person”, Lisa, a 51 year old female knew she wanted to work with a health coach to address her lifelong battle with sleep, 20 year-struggle with gastrointestinal “issues” and what she believed was her “destiny” of inherited cardio vascular disease.

So much information, so little implementation

On her own, she’d explored and amassed a vast amount of information on healthy eating plans, supplements and lifestyle programs; but they only took her so far.

Her results were “so-so” and she often fell back into old patterns.

For years, despite trying to implement all the things she’d read about in books and online, she only experienced minimal success…

…but all that changed once she decided to work with a health coach.

Early on in the process, Lisa shared her health history of childhood exposure to pesticides, antibiotic use and prescription medicines used to treat aliments she was told were “part of the normal aging process”.

And although she believed this to be true, she also believed this was not her truth and sought a better way to manage her health care.

Her intuition was a powerful motivator!

How Lisa Discovered Her Triggers and Got Her Health Back on Track

She was an enthusiastic learner and eager to participate in creating better health.

Her coach helped distill all the health information collected, and together they established a plan to tackle Lisa’s issues.

Gradually, she became aware of how her body responded to stress and certain foods. She also recognized her need for daily physical activity and time to spend with her beloved pets.

She began feeling more energetic and more balanced.

She was less vexed by digestive distress as she was able to identify and exclude foods that didn’t serve her body.

It did take a bit of time to refine her sleep hygiene (a lifetime of poor sleep is quite a obstacle to overcome), but her efforts were well worth it when she began sleeping soundly and really feeling the benefits of a true, restorative nights’ sleep.

In fact, her ability to manage daytime, work/life stress was improved directly as a result of better sleep.

Which proves it’s never too late to overcome sleep problems…no matter what your age or how long they’ve plagued you.

More Inspiring Results After 6 Months

In just the first 6 months Lisa experienced even more impressive results, including:

  • Boosting her vitamin D levels from 45ng/mL to 60 ng/mL—a significant improvement
  • Reducing her HbA1c (a marker of elevated blood sugar over a period of months) from 5.5 to 5.0
  • And reducing her fasting glucose from 112 to 94, thereby significantly reducing her overall risk of cardiovascular disease

And boy did she feel better!

Along the way, she learned about the digestive system, evaluated how certain foods made her feel, developed better sleep habits and built a caring, supportive relationship to allow her to explore, learn, grow and find joy.

Fast forward 1 year later

After one year, Lisa and her Health Coach continue to focus on her main health goals, tweak dietary and supplement plans and prioritize daily moderate activity.

And, from time to time she still struggles with all of these things (like most of us do).

But she continues to make time for her appointments and is committed to the exploration and understanding of what creates optimal health.

She credits her long-term success to the coaching, accountability and guidance she received from working with her Knew Health Coach.

What once felt “strange and new” has now become her “new norm”, and instead of feeling like cardiovascular disease is her “destiny”, she is now empowered to take charge of her health and make choices that support her unique body.

Cheers to re-writing your destiny, Lisa!

A Special Note of Encouragement from our Health Coaching Team

This is a very typical story of one of our clients who, with the support of a functional medicine-trained, medically-supervised Health Coach, experienced the empowerment of some simple changes in lifestyle.

At KNEW, we recognize each individual is unique. Therefore, our approach is not to offer a cookie-cutter set of recommendations for specific symptoms or challenges, but rather to empower each person to discover which lifestyle and behavioral changes will create their ultimate health transformation.

If you’re struggling with sleep, digestive concerns or you fear your best years are behind-you (like Lisa) we’re here to help.

Click here to visit our membership page and discover more about Knew Health’s invidualized Health Coaching programs.

Who knows, you could be our next KNEW Story of Health Transformation.

-The Knew Health Coaching Team

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