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Shining a Light on Direct Primary Care

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Welcome to the Knew Health DPC series, where we shine a light on a different Direct Primary Care practice around the country. Direct Primary Care practices share our vision of accessible, affordable healthcare on your terms. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a business model in healthcare that doesn’t include insurance, claims, billing, or third parties. At the core is a solid doctor-patient relationship. This month, our spotlight takes us to northern Colorado Springs, Colorado, where you’ll get to know Dr. Rachel Langley, owner of Homestead Direct Primary Care. Read on to learn more about Dr. Langley, her impressive practice, and why you should consider a DPC for your family.


About Homestead DPC Homestead DPC logo

If you are lucky enough to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you may have heard about Homestead DPC. You may even be lucky enough to be a member of this unique little medical practice. Homestead DPC was started in 2023 by Dr. Rachel Langley. Dr. Langley desired a way to help people with her medical background but without the administrative burden that came with all the paperwork and complexities of insurance companies. She discovered the concept of Direct Primary Care many years ago, where she worked and gained experience and knowledge before starting her own DPC practice. 


Direct Primary Care is a model of care that removes the hassle of insurance and allows you to work directly with your doctor. You pay a low monthly membership to your doctor and have all the access you need through appointments, emails, calls, texts, and even house calls. It’s like having a personal doctor at your fingertips who works for you rather than the insurance company. The doctor is able to focus on medicine, not paperwork. Many people agree that you’ll never return to a traditional healthcare system once you switch to DPC.


According to Dr. Langley: “Homestead DPC, to me, is most about relationship. It was named as a tribute to the way we have to work together and learn new things to survive and thrive as a community, as well as to the homesteads that historically came together to build our city.” 


Homestead DPC is reflective of Dr. Langley’s own 5-acre homestead, which is nestled into the heart of Black Forest. Langley’s homestead is home to her chickens, bees, geese, turkeys, and Poppy Pumpkin, a miniature Jersey heifer that roams the homestead. It aims to give its patients a less clinical feel. Instead, you’ll get the full experience of a community doctor who treats you like family. There are no long wait times, months to be seen, or answering services when you call. You’ll have a family doctor available to you, answering texts or emails when you need her. In fact, your appointments will be longer, and you’ll even have Dr. Langley’s cell phone number if needed. 


About Dr. Langley Dr. Rachel Langley and her child working on her personal homestead.

Dr. Langley knew she wanted to be a doctor at a very early age. However, mentors around her discouraged her from attending medical school because they understood that being a doctor simply wasn’t what it used to be. Drowning in paperwork late into the night was not what she had in mind. She wanted to care for patients, so she decided to join the Air Force and became a flight surgeon. Dr. Langley flew with the pilots and had extra clinical time to develop rapport with the aircrew. She experienced a strong doctor-patient relationship, although that was not the norm in a traditional healthcare system. She went straight from active duty to a DPC clinic, where she got to experience the same high level of medical care that she was able to receive from the pilots. 

From there, it only made sense that DPC would become a part of her long-term plan. That’s when she decided to open her own DPC practice in Colorado Springs. “I love that DPC is growing across the nation – every DPC doctor I’ve ever met, I would trust with my health and my family’s health!” 



While Dr. Langley is a board-certified family medicine doctor, she wears many hats and has several areas of expertise worth mentioning. Dr. Rachel Langley in her medical office.

  • Wife and Mother – As a mother of five, Dr. Langley is well-versed in treating children and working with young families. She offers membership discounts for families and additional programs for college students to help lower the burden of health costs. 
  • Lactation Consultant – Dr. Langley works closely with new mothers who are learning or those struggling with breastfeeding. She even offers a “postpartum package” to mothers and will come to your home for everything from an infant weight check and vitals for mom and baby to a follow-up on postpartum depression. It’s the ultimate house call that all new mothers would benefit from.
  • Fertility Specialist – Assisting in fertility efforts is a passion of Dr. Langleys. She uses NaProTechnology to help couples who are struggling with fertility. 
  • Sports Medicine – Dr. Langley can diagnose and treat injuries effectively. She develops at-home treatment programs and may even give you a call at home to check up on you. She also hosts regular “Walk with a Doc” events to promote exercise, which you can find on her website. 
  • A Veteran – Dr. Langley continues to serve in the Air Force Reserves. She also provides civilians with aeromedical exams to be certified with the FAA. She enjoys working with Veterans and their families.
  • Small Businesses – As a Direct Primary Care Practitioner, Dr. Langley is learning the ropes of entrepreneurship herself and therefore appreciates the chance to care for other small businesses who want to provide healthcare for their employees but maybe can’t afford your typical health insurance plan.


What Makes Homestead DPC Unique?

There are a lot of things that make this a unique medical practice. Aside from the fact that you’ll get unlimited access to your doctor, you’ll also get an education. Dr. Langley is all about educating her patients, not just treating them. As a former middle school teacher, education comes naturally. “I love to teach and find new ways to explain complicated topics. Whether it’s discussing the risks and benefits of a new medication or the implications of getting a lab test drawn, I like my patients to have all the information I can provide.” Dr. Langley even has her own YouTube channel–chock full of advice and tips for staying healthy. 


Homestead DPC is a family affair. Dr. Langley’s mother, a retired nurse, came out of retirement to help her start the practice. Her husband is always around to help when things break, and even her kids help out on the weekends, cleaning and shredding papers. Homestead DPC is truly a family business! 


If you live near Colorado Springs, we encourage you to contact Dr. Langley for a meet and greet! The process is simple. Visit  and learn about what Membership entails. Within a week, you can sit in Dr. Langley’s office and chat like old friends.


Knew Health and Homestead DPC

At Knew Health, we can’t think of a better match: Our Knew Health Membership complements a Homestead DPC Membership perfectly for a personalized and comprehensive healthcare experience. The two memberships combined are often half the cost compared to high-deductible health insurance. 


Our Membership picks up where DPC leaves off and fills in the gaps. We provide annual allowances to help with costs outside your DPC Membership. Best of all, when paired with a Homestead DPC Membership, Knew Health members receive a 10% discount on their monthly Membership. It’s our way of showing you how much we value DPCs and their approach to healthcare. 


At Knew Health, we support our Members’ choices regarding their providers. That’s why we don’t have any network restrictions. Call us today at 855-542-0050 or schedule a one-on-one call with our Care Team so we can help you pair your Membership with a DPC Membership near you


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