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Medical Bankruptcy: The Rising Crisis and How Knew Health Can Help

In America, the supposed land of opportunity and prosperity, it’s a shocking reality that medical bankruptcy is now the leading cause of bankruptcy.[*] High medical costs and limited access to affordable healthcare can quickly spiral out of control, leaving families with limited options for staying afloat.


This article aims to shed light on why medical bankruptcy is so prevalent in America and explore how Knew Health can provide peace of mind for you and your family.


What Is Medical Bankruptcy?


Medical bankruptcy is an unofficial term that refers to using the legal bankruptcy process to eliminate medical debt you’re unable to repay, or to establish a realistic repayment plan. Once you declare bankruptcy, creditors cannot pursue you for medical debt repayment.


Medical bankruptcy differs from other forms of bankruptcy in that the primary driver is medical expenses, rather than credit card debt, mortgages, or other financial obligations.


Filing for medical bankruptcy often involves declaring either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on the individual’s financial situation and eligibility. While these legal processes can provide debt relief, they also have long-lasting impacts on one’s financial reputation and security.


Why Medical Bankruptcy Is So Common in America


There are a few key reasons why medical bankruptcy is so common in America:


#1: The high cost of medical care in the U.S.


Medical procedures, prescription medications, and medical equipment are often more expensive in America than in other developed countries. This means that even routine medical expenses can put a significant financial strain on individuals and families.


#2: Inadequate health benefits


While it’s true that many Americans have health benefits, it may not be sufficient to safeguard them from the financial burden of medical expenses. High monthly payments, co-payments, and out-of-pocket maximums can leave individuals responsible for a substantial portion of their medical bills. In some cases, certain medical services or treatments may not be included at all, forcing people to bear the full cost themselves. This lack of adequate health benefits can quickly lead to unmanageable medical debt and, eventually, medical bankruptcy.


#3: Unexpected medical emergencies


Life is unpredictable, and unexpected medical emergencies can happen to anyone, any time. Accidents, severe illnesses, or sudden medical conditions can result in substantial medical expenses that were not anticipated or budgeted for.


When these unforeseen events occur, individuals and families may be left struggling to manage the costs, pushing them closer to the brink of medical bankruptcy.


#4: Loss of income


Serious medical issues often lead to a loss of income for the affected person and their family. The individual may be unable to work due to their medical condition or may need to reduce their working hours to accommodate treatment and recovery.


This loss of income can make it even more challenging to manage medical expenses and other essential costs, exacerbating the financial strain and increasing the likelihood of medical bankruptcy.


What’s the Worst Case Scenario of Medical Bankruptcy?


The consequences of medical bankruptcy can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. In order to pay back their creditors, families may lose their homes, savings, and retirement funds. Bankruptcy can also severely impact credit scores, making it difficult to secure future loans, mortgages, or even employment.


The emotional toll can be just as damaging, as families grapple with the stress and anxiety of their uncertain financial future.


The Knew Health Solution


Knew Health Memberships offers an innovative and community-driven approach to help safeguard against the financial challenges associated with medical expenses and reduce the risk of medical bankruptcy.


Here are the top ways Knew Health can lessen your medical financial burden:


#1: Distributing costs equitably among members


Our Memberships operate on a community-driven approach, with medical expenses being shared among the membership community. This spreads the financial impact across the community, making healthcare more affordable for all members.


In this way, Knew Health helps alleviate the financial burden of medical costs and reduce the likelihood of medical bankruptcy for its members.


Click here to learn how Knew Health works.


#2: Negotiating medical bills


Knew Health’s program helps reduce the financial burden on its members by negotiating medical bills on their behalf. By securing lower prices for medical services, Knew Health can offer members more affordable access to healthcare, mitigating the risk of medical bankruptcy.


#3: Flexible membership options


Recognizing that everyone’s needs and budgets are different, Knew Health provides a variety of membership options. Members can choose the Membership level that best suits their needs and financial situation, ensuring they have access to affordable healthcare without breaking the bank.


Membership options start as low as $142/month and depend on your age, type of membership (individual, family, etc.), and your Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA).


The IUA is the amount you’ll be financially responsible for if you need care for a new medical condition, such as an injury, illness, or pregnancy. Our community will share the expenses that exceed your IUA.


Determine your monthly Knew Health contribution here.


#4: Preventative care and wellness resources


Knew Health offers resources to help members maintain their health and well-being. These include complimentary telehealth visits, health coaching, discounts for supplements, and annual allowances for additional health and wellness expenses.


By focusing on preventative care and wellness, members can reduce the likelihood of costly medical emergencies and better manage their overall health.


Addressing Medical Bankruptcy in America


Medical bankruptcy is a significant issue in America that demands attention and proactive solutions. With the high cost of healthcare, inadequate health benefits, and unexpected medical emergencies leading to financial distress, it’s essential to explore options that can help prevent medical bankruptcy and ensure financial stability for individuals and families.


As medical bankruptcy continues to impact the lives of many Americans, it’s crucial to explore innovative solutions like Knew Health. This unique approach provides an excellent way to proactively focus on your health and achieve greater peace of mind.


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