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COVID-19 Message from Knew Health

For our Founder Joshua Rosenthal

As an organization dedicated to providing simple, worry-free health care, we feel deeply responsible for the health and safety of our team, their families, and the entire Knew Health community.

I have been monitoring the situation carefully, following the guidance of public health authorities. Our team has been working to answer phone calls and emails, and ensure everyone in our community has peace of mind.  

These are trying times. It’s no secret that America’s health care and health insurance systems are ailing and expensive. That’s why Knew Health was created in the first place.

We are receiving a large number of calls from younger people looking for help. This is not surprising, given that many millennials do not have health insurance and 60% don’t have a $1,000 for a medical emergency.

We are here for the Knew Health community and staff amidst the particularly trying days and weeks ahead.

We’re working around the clock to explain sharing community benefits that are particularly useful at this time: like 24/7 telemedicine to consult a doctor via phone or video chat, billing concierge services to help negotiate bills and minimize costs, and tools so you can access significant financial assistance on over 20,000 health products/supplements to help you stay healthy.  

On behalf of Knew Health, and our staff who are working tirelessly, we have your back, and are continuing our mission of providing a simple, affordable, and dependable alternative to health insurance.

We are a community, and like your own family, our top priority is seeing each other stay healthy, and cared for when we need help.


Joshua Rosenthal

Founder, Knew Health

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