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Find the Best Prices on Prescriptions With GoodRx and Blink Health

At Knew Health, we know that while prescriptions aren’t our first-line solution for sustainable health care, they are indeed sometimes necessary and a blessed part of comprehensive health care.  If you regularly take prescription drugs, or need one for an acute situation, we want to make sure you are empowered to find the best prices on any medications you might need. Here are two great technologies to support you:


GoodRx  is a website that allows you to type in your zip code and the medication you are looking for.  Then it creates a list of the pharmacies with best prices available near you.

Why we love it: It’s simple and easy to use: you can pinpoint where you save the most dollars by location.  And for those of us who are less comfortable with phone apps, GoodRx is a great option. It offers coupons for more savings and you can even get a GoodRx pharmacy discount card.

Click here to visit their website and get started.

Blink Health

This is an app for your mobile device that again offers lower prices on prescription drugs, and the guaranteed lowest prices on generics.

Why We Love It: Because it’s so convenient. It’s accepted at over 33,000 pharmacies including Costco, Walmart, Kroger and Safeway. Plus, you pay through the app as an added convenience, then pick up your medications at the pharmacy or choose to have them delivered to your home for free (a feature we love!).

According to their website, the average customer saves up to $70 a prescription.

Download the app here.

-The Knew Health Team

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