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Why medical cost sharing makes serious financial sense for the health conscious

If you’re a health conscious person, committed to a healthy lifestyle —someone who values healthy food, regular exercise, and an integrative approach to medicine—you’re probably frustrated with your current health insurance coverage.


Because the majority of health insurance policies in the US (especially the typical high-deductible plans), make little-to-no provision for holistic, integrative medicine.

Which means, you’re left paying for all your preferred care (chiropractic, acupuncture, home birth, yoga, meditation, organic food, cooking classes, naturopathy, reiki, fitness memberships, etc.) out of pocket—in addition to your monthly premium.


This simply doesn’t make financial sense for those who have chosen a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.

Yet, we all crave that peace of mind that health insurance offers.

Fortunately, the mandate on purchasing traditional insurance is about to expire…

Which means we will all have a choice when it comes to how our health care dollars are spent:

  • Choice #1: Keep paying thousands per year into a broken system that incentivizes sick-care and dis-empowerment.
  • Choice #2: Take your chances and forego a healthcare plan altogether—which will save you money…until it doesn’t.
  • Choice#3: Join a medical cost sharing program, which will have your back when medical incidents arise, BUT will cost a heck of a lot less than traditional “coverage” while incentivizing self-health creation.

Our bet is on medical cost sharing for 3 big reasons:

#1: It costs less than health insurance—how much less? Members of Knew Health Community can expect to save between 30-80%.

#2: It’s designed for the health-conscious and health-committed—our program was made for health-conscious individuals who are willing to take personal responsibility for their wellness.

We create actual incentives for healthy behaviors through:

  • Incredible cost savings—which we can offer due to the health of our community
  • Education
  • Community and online events
  • Group classes
  • Access to a dedicated Health Coach when you need it
  • Discounts on supplements
  • Access to our network of integrative functional medicine doctors
  • …and much more

#3: It puts more money back in YOUR pocket to spend on the care and health-promoting activities of your choice

Let’s look at some examples of how this freedom of choice can work wonders for your health and finances:

How Medical Cost Sharing Puts Freedom of Care Back in Your Hands (and money in your pocket)

When it comes to shopping health insurance policies, we have all been trained to focus on “coverage”.

Is this covered? Is that covered? How much of this-or-that is covered per year? How much more is it to get my desired care/procedure covered? Is the extra cost worth it after the deductible? What about co-pays?

It’s enough to make you crazy…especially if your preferred care providers are holistic, integrative practitioners.

At Knew Health Community, we do things a little differently.

Obviously, we’re not an insurance company, so we’re not bound by their rules.

As a medical cost sharing community, we facilitate the voluntary sharing of funds between members as medical needs arise.

So, you can rest assured that (so long as you’re an active member) your eligible medical needs for unexpected illness and injury will be supported by the community.

But what about other needs like preventative care or holistic integrative medicine? What types of modalities are shareable?

Get ready:

NONE OF THEM—except Health Coaching, the Basic plan for which is included in your membership.

But this is a good thing that makes serious financial sense for the health conscious…let us explain

As a Knew Health Community member, you have total freedom to choose any type of preventative integrative holistic care, activities or products you desire.

So…how does this get paid for?

It’s simple. It gets paid for by the sheer amount of money you’ll save every month (30-80% on average) through the medical cost sharing model.

Let’s look at a couple scenarios of how this type of freedom works.

Let’s say you signed your family up with Knew Health Community, and are now spending 50% less than you were on your old health insurance plan (a pretty common level of savings).

Considering the average cost of coverage for a family of four is $18,764 per year1 /$1564.00 per month, that means you’d have an extra $9382.00 per year/$782 per month to spend on the preventative care and wellness promotion activities of your choice.

This means you’re entirely unlimited in your choices. For example:

  • Spend it on buying more organic food.
  • Budget for regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathy, energetic medicine, a home birth, osteopathy, reflexology, neurofeedback, etc.
  • Put some of it toward offsetting the cost of seeing a holistic dentist.
  • Get a gym or yoga membership.
  • Buy a bunch of health and nutrition books.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Spend some time with a counselor to resolve old emotional health issues.
  • Join a group cleanse or take a retreat.
  • Get a high-quality juicer, blender or healthy cookware set.
  • Sign your kids up for meditation classes.
  • Go for regular massage.
  • Get thermography  if you want.
  • Pay off some debt to reduce your stress levels.
  • Invest in quality essential oils for cold and flu season.
  • Go see a functional medicine MD to explore future illness prevention.
  • Buy high-quality supplements.
  • Install that whole house water filtration system you’ve always wanted.

As you can see, your freedom of choice is completely unlimited! All you have to do is budget accordingly.

Plus, you have the Knew Health Community to share any unexpected medical expenses as they arise as a result of new illness or injury.

Can you see why this type of model makes such serious financial sense for the health conscious?

No longer do you have to pay thousands of dollars a month for insurance that doesn’t “cover” what you want for your unique and personal Health Care.

With medical cost sharing through Knew Health Community, YOU get to dictate your health budget…and save a bunch of money too.

What’s more, if you get off-track and/or need help getting back-on-the-wagon, all members have free access to a dedicated, functional medicine-trained Health Coach twice a year.  If you want more support beyond that, more Comprehensive plans will be available.

Your Knew Health Coach can help you overcome mild-chronic ailments, provide education on healthier lifestyle choices and give you the motivation you need to maintain your health long-term.

Interested in learning more?

For more dollars and cents info on cost sharing vs. traditional health insurance, check out our previous article: Does Medical Cost Sharing Really Cost Less Than Health Insurance (a price comparison)?

And be sure to visit our membership page at: to learn more about becoming a founding member.

-The Knew Health Community Team

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