Master Mingtong Gu and Wisdom Healing Qigong™


We are very excited to introduce a resource from the The Chi Center for Wisdom Health Qigong™, founded by Master Mingtong Gu. Through our partnership, all KNEW Health members have complimentary access to Master Mingtong Gu’s e-book: Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets.

Through this e-book and video series, members will learn the healing secrets that have been used in China by masters for thousands of years to prevent and heal disease, increase energy, improve stamina, and master the energy systems of the body, mind, and spirit. Click here to download the free e-book today!

Save 50% on Master Mingtong Gu’s 8-lesson course: Qigong for Beginners.

Members will also receive a generous 50% discount on Master Mingtong Gu’s 8-lesson course: Qigong for Beginners.

Wisdom Health Qigong™ is an ancient technology of energy healing, with effective positive outcomes that are acknowledged by modern medical science. Through the gentle practices of movement, visualization, sound, breathing, and conscious intention of Qigong, you reintegrate your body and mind, reconnecting you energies, and that reconnects you with your own healing capacity to practice this energetic self-care and self-healing of your mind, body, and heart.

The secret of Wisdom Healing Qigong is that everything we experience is energy, everything we are is energy, called chi. By learning to nurture that energy, release blockages and let it flow, you can affect every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence.

Through these 8 video lessons, you will:

  1. Learn how to integrate your body and mind to enhance your own capacity for healing.
  2. Study with a true qigong master from China to learn an incredibly effective form of qigong.
  3. Benefit from learning the foundational qigong teachings of meditation, movement, energy cultivation, and sound healing.

Click here to access Qigong for Beginners and be sure to enter the KNEW Health coupon code to receive your 50% discount!


Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any wellness program.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or be a substitute for professional medical advice.