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Jennifer Carfagnini

Knew Member Support Representative

Take it from someone who’s been there, you don’t want to leave the house without coverage. I was working at a car dealership in my early twenties. I was active and pretty healthy. My doctor visits were basically just annual check ups. So, when my employer offered their staff health insurance at about $1000 a month with a high deductible, I said no. Just like that, I joined millions of Americans living uninsured.

Well, not long after that I had a bicycle accident. I was riding behind a friend on our way home when a car swerved towards us. There’s a whole chain of slow motion effects which lead to me flying over my bike. The impact from the palm of my hands hitting the concrete, broke my right arm. Two fractures from my wrist to elbow.

Although I was in physical pain, I did not have health insurance. That scared me even more. At the Emergency Room, they confirmed the fractures and sent me off with a temporary cast. They told me to go see a specialist.

A long term cast was going to be expensive and I didn’t have much savings. Anxiety quickly started building along with the bills. I had to make a choice. Either pay my rent or get medical help.

So, I paid my rent.

I didn’t fill my prescriptions or go to the recommended physical therapy either. Instead I used that money towards therapy items that I could do on my own. I reached out to friends for suggestions and help to strengthen and straighten my broken arm as well as my ego.

A year later I was able to fully extend my arm, but was still paying the bills. At first thought, it didn’t seem like much. But a broken arm nearly broke me down. Valuable lessons in life were learned for both my worth as well as my health. Now I’m happy to be working at Knew Health.

Kristina’s story

Is your healthcare coverage stopping you from pursuing your dreams?
An option is finally available to provide you savings…

I pay an incredible amount. And we hardly ever go to the doctor! My expenses before having any benefits or use is ridiculous.

The cost of my current high-deductible, corporation-subsidized insurance policy is $642/mo for a family of four (the total cost is $1200 when you add in the corporate contribution to my portion of the cost).

My main concern was really just getting an understanding of how the cost sharing model works, so I can trust we’ll have a reliable safety net when a need arises.

If one of the concerns holding you back from pursuing your dreams is healthcare coverage, an option is finally available to provide you savings you can apply to well care, access to the types of health workers you want to see and the security of financial support.

What Kristina values most:
• “My husband has his own business and as my practice is growing, I’ll soon be able to leave my corporate job won’t have to worry about health coverage.”
• “I get to put my savings back into fun activities for the family to do together, and also prevention methodologies such as massage, exercise, and organic foods”

Holly’s story

Are you paying an arm and a leg for an insurance plan you rarely use?
You can be part of a new solution.

My current insurance policy covers nothing! And my deductible is so high! It doesn’t even make sense to use it…Once we confirmed I was eligible for membership, the only concern I had was whether an unexpected serious, expensive diagnosis would be shareable. Now that I know it will be, I have no concerns.

After researching how medical cost sharing works and doing her due diligence, Holly was confident that her needs would be met.

What Holly values most:

“I love to have more control over where I spend my healthcare dollars and have more disposable income every month for alternative treatments like acupuncture, annual lab work, seeing my Naturopath, float tanks, massage, supplements – and to offset the cost of buying organic food.”

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