Knew Health Black Friday in July Terms

This offer is valid until Friday, July 14, 2023 and applies only to new memberships and cannot be combined with any other offers. (1) Complimentary month will be the members’ second month, so they will not be charged in August. (2) The one-time special $500 Supplemental Self-Care Allowance is specifically for health and wellness expenses that go beyond routine preventative care, and cannot be used toward a members’ IUA. The Supplemental Allowance can be used toward routine chiropractic care, routine acupuncture, massage therapy, gym membership, nutritional supplements, health coaching, additional lab work (like GI mapping, Food Sensitivity Training), and preventative IV therapies (like Vitamin C). Supplemental allowances for future years will be the standard $200/membership. (3) The Thrive Market Membership and Shopping Credit will be issued at one month of active Membership, between September 1-15, 2023.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.