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We find every way to lower your monthly price and limit the financial impact of unexpected medical costs.


Get your pricing in seconds and become a Member in minutes with no long term commitments.


Choose your own healthcare providers without the restriction of networks.


We’re a Sharing Community of over 35,000 Members that have shared over $9 million in medical costs in 2021 alone.


We accept everyone, regardless of past medical conditions or religous affiliations.

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Our Community shares in your unexpected medical costs, with no caps or limits on sharing.

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Medical Cost Sharing and so much more.


Knew Health is exactly what I was looking for. They have amazing customer service and ease of use of their services that promote a healthy lifestyle. You get annual blood tests to track your health which is so key to ensuring a healthy body. It is affordable and allows me to build my own company without the massive burden of typical health insurance costs. I highly recommend them.

Jessie S – California

“I’m really a very healthy person, but I was recently sent to get some blood work done and the bill for all the tests came out to $1,300. Needless to say, I was really stressed at the large expense and contacted Knew Health for help. Their team responded immediately, answered my questions and guided me through it all. With Knew Health, I only ended up paying $260!”

Brian A – California

We love Knew Health! I’m a physician and it makes so much sense to pay cash prices and know how much these services cost. I tell my patients all the time about cash pay options. And more specifically, I was pregnant from Aug 2019-Apr 2020 and it was a pleasure to work with Knew Health to submit receipts and get reimbursement. An interesting experience to self-pay for the hospital bill, but it all worked out and we had a positive experience. We added our daughter to our family membership when she was born.

Sarah M – New York

“I have been sharing Knew Health with many of my clients and coworkers. As a hairstylist a lot of us don’t have coverage through our place of business and getting it on our own is outrageous. I absolutely LOVE that I get to help people all while knowing I will be taken care of if the time comes. Thank goodness for making wise choices when it comes to health and wellness and I love that Knew Health is on my side!”

Maria M – Ohio

“For so long, I have put off the idea of freelancing because I was scared of not having health insurance. Knew Health empowered me to pursue my independent career because I no longer have to worry if a healthcare expense will ruin my life. It’s affordable, flexible, and accessible. Every time I have called with questions, someone answers and speaks to me with empathy and patience. They offer their Members an array of wellness resources and tips. This all seemed to good to be true at first, and so far it’s been wonderful. Thank you Knew Health for being a game-changer in the healthcare realm.”

Kate M – North Carolina

Amazing prices. Simple sign up.

Healthcare with Advantages

We pair wellness-focused resources to keep you feeling your best with all the tools you’ll need to save money when large, unexpected medical costs happen.

Medical Cost Sharing for large, unexpected medical costs
Medical Cost Sharing for preventive services
Bill negotiation services
35% discount on supplements
24/7 Telemedicine
Free health coaching
Allowances for additional preventive care
Discounted lab services
HSA compatible
Discounts on other health promoting resources

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