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Blood tests are very common. When you have routine checkups, your doctor may recommend blood tests to see how your body is working. During a blood test, a small sample of blood is taken from your body usually from a vein in your arm. Recent changes in the law empower individuals to order these tests for themselves without going through a healthcare provider.

Evexia Diagnostics provides comprehensive, cutting-edge, clinical laboratory services at unbeatable prices and we are proud to have worked out a special agreement to be able to offer this savings to our Knew Health Members.*

Evexia offers blood markers, samples for which can be collected at LabCorp locations throughout the country. They also offer functional test kits from a variety of labs including Genova Diagnostics, Doctor’s Data, Labrix & many more.

Members may choose from an array of individual blood tests, targeted panels, and functional test kits.

It’s easy!

  1. Register with Evexia Diagnostics here to create your member portal and use the Group Code : KNEW
  2. In your portal, you’ll be able to order individual tests, panels, and specialty kits, receive requisition orders, and view your lab results (test results will typically be ready to view in your portal within 2-7 days of test completion).
  3. You can check out our comprehensive test menu here.
  4. If you have any questions, you can reach Evexia’s friendly and attentive customer care representatives at (888)-852-2723.


Reading your Test Results:

  • Patient Identification Information (your information) will be located at the top of your test result(s).
  • The results will be separated into four different columns:
    • Test Name
    • In Range
    • Out of Range (Blue Text)
    • Reference Range

Results will be entered either in the “In Range: or “Out of Range” column based on where your results fall as compared to the Reference Range (a set of values that 95% of the normal population falls within). Depending on whether or not your results fall In or Out of Range, there may be additional information provided underneath the test’s name.

For specific questions, concerns, or for more information regarding your test results, please always connect with a qualified healthcare provider.

* Services will not be available to members located in NJ, NY, or RI

** I understand that neither Evexia nor Knew Health will provide recommendations for lab orders or result interpretation.

*** I acknowledge the need to consult my chosen qualified healthcare practitioner for assessment, interpretive support or recommendations.