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Water—The True Essence of Life

Water….cheap, plain, not flashy; and yet it’s crazy just how important it is to our health. Water truly is the essence of life, in more ways than perhaps we even understand.

Of course we know our bodies are two-thirds water and need water to function (did you see the movie 127 Hours?), but what’s not commonly known is the role hydration plays in chronic joint pain, detoxification (through sweat creation), digestion and the creation of digestive enzymes, metabolism of foods, in cell regeneration and in energy production (that’s right energy comes not only from what we eat, but the water we drink!).

Moreover, cutting-edge research, like that from Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington (“The Fourth Phase of Water”), points to our need for not just plain water but structured water; or what might be conceived as “charged water”.


While we don’t have all the answers on exactly how water works in the body, it is clear we likely need more water than previously thought for optimal function.


For a closer look at the basics of hydration check out: “Your Complete Guide to Hydration” by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.


For a deeper dive into the science of “structured water”, check out “Structured Water: The Next Best Treatment for Muscular, Skin & Mood Disorders?” by Dr. Axe.


Science lovers will enjoy getting lost in the details of how hydration helps lower cholesterol, prevent diabetes and produce ATP, in “Water, Energy, and the Perils of Dehydration” by the late, great Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.


Discover the unique nourishing power of the earth’s most hydrating foods in: “Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water” from the Chopra Center.


Why We Love These Articles:


We believe knowledge is power. And the more we all understand about how hydration impacts our present and future health—from balancing insulin to enhancing focus and energy—the more likely we are to prioritize drinking enough water.


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Joshua Rosenthal


Joshua Rosenthal MScED is a visionary in health and wellness. He is founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online higher education school where students are trained as Health Coaches. Founded in 1992, the school has a global community of 100,000 graduates in 155 countries worldwide. Joshua is the author of many books and holds a Masters of Science degree in Education.