Meet your health coach

Sarah Charley


As a functional medicine certified health coach and registered nurse, Sarah is passionate about
the evolution of health care that is happening now and dedicated to being a part of changing the way we treat and prevent chronic disease.

Her years of experience have provided skills in collaborating with care teams in busy clinic settings.
Sarah has become well-versed in principles of functional medicine, nutrition, and integrative modalities. During coaching sessions, Sarah listens actively and guides clients to deepen their connection to their own healing wisdom.

Sarah is naturally curious with a strong love of learning and considers personal and professional development to be a hobby. She has countless hours of training and workshops under her belt in topics such as Ayurveda, massage therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation. Eagerness to learn more about all things related to health, wellness, good food and movement fuels her enthusiasm as a coach.

When Sarah is not studying something new you may find her exploring new hiking trails, cooking, trying to make a dent in the reading pile, or learning to play the native american flute. Her zest for life is infectious and coaching sessions are filled with energy and humor. Sarah is excited to explore what you are passionate about and how living the functional medicine lifestyle can help you to become the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself that you can be.