What is kNew Membership?

The Best Care, and the Best Guidance, from Anywhere.

We use a truly patient-centered approach and the best of medical science to understand the lifestyle choices that get to the root cause of your ailments.   One of our caring group of medically-supervised, certified Health Coaches will partner with you to customize and implement a wellness plan to meet your unique needs and create optimal health. Plus we’ll use the latest in online capabilities to make it easy and fun to engage with us and get the support you need.

Your kNew Health Membership Includes


  • A Personal Wellness Profile.
  • An initial blood panel to assess your baseline, and periodic blood panels thereafter to track progress.
  • Your own dedicated kNew Health Coach.
  • Discounted Nutritional Supplements and access to online store.
  • Access to our kNew Member Forum and the kNew Member Resource Center.

kNew Health Benefits


  • Individual attention.
  • Better health results and outcomes.
  • Easier communication, better education and 24/7 access.
  • Motivation when you need it most.
  • Decreased healthcare cost!  The best way to reduce your health costs is to remain healthy!
  • You can cancel anytime.

It’s affordable.  (Introductory pricing, expiring soon…)


  • $199 Initial fee.  The cost of your personal kNew Health Wellness Profile, including the blood work and detailed analysis is only $199.
  • For a monthly fee of $99, you receive ongoing individualized coaching, customized wellness guidance as your life changes over time, resources, and discounts that you can access anywhere at any time.

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