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Hi and welcome to Knew Health! We are here to share a revolutionary new way to save 33% or more on your annual medical expenses.

As you probably have experienced, our current health insurance system is broken.

Are you tired of paying outrageously expensive insurance premiums and co-pays, all while receiving substandard service from your insurance company–and fighting with them over every bill?

Let us tell you about a plan we’ve developed to solve these problems for you.

Knew Health is not an insurance company. We are a community of healthy, happy, wellness-minded individuals like yourself, who work together to stay well and contribute to a community fund to support one another’s large medical bills.

Think of this as a safety-net for large, unexpected medical costs.

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Because you take care of your health, you’re likely to need less medical expense support — so why should you pay insane insurance premiums when you can have your large expenses supported by our Health Cost-Sharing Community that is over 10,000 members strong?

With conventional health insurance, you–the healthy person who exercises, doesn’t smoke, and eats fresh fruits and vegetables–are subsidizing the medical expenses of people who smoke, don’t exercise, and eat junk food all day. How unfair is that?

Furthermore, with health insurance, it’s likely you’re paying these high premiums and yet not using many of your benefits. That’s money down the drain each and every month.

At Knew Health, you’ll be paying so much less each month–which gives you more money to invest in wellness and preventative care, such as fitness classes, acupuncture, massage, healthy fresh food, and herbs and supplements.

Wouldn’t you rather invest your monthly health expenses into life-giving wellness care, rather than sending that money to faceless health insurance bureaucracies, never to be seen again?

By making a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, you’re helping transform health care.


How much is this going to cost me?

Get a free cost comparison quote here and find out how much you can save instantly!

Knew Health…


Are you paying an arm and a leg for an insurance plan you rarely use?

You can be part of a new solution.

Holly’s story

““My current insurance policy covers nothing! And my deductible is so high! It doesn’t even make sense to use it…Once we confirmed I was eligible for membership, the only concern I had was whether an unexpected serious, expensive diagnosis would be shareable. Now that I know it will be, I have no concerns.”

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After researching how medical cost sharing works and doing her due diligence, Holly was confident that her needs would be met.

What Holly values most:

I love to have more control over where I spend my healthcare dollars and have more disposable income every month for alternative treatments like acupuncture, annual lab work, seeing my Naturopath, float tanks, massage, supplements – and to offset the cost of buying organic food.”



Is your healthcare coverage stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

An option is finally available to provide you savings…

Kristina’s story

“I pay an incredible amount. And we hardly ever go to the doctor! My expenses before having any benefits or use is ridiculous.”

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“The cost of my current high-deductible, corporation-subsidized insurance policy is $642/mo for a family of four (the total cost is $1200 when you add in the corporate contribution to my portion of the cost).

My main concern was really just getting an understanding of how the cost sharing model works, so I can trust we’ll have a reliable safety net when a need arises.

If one of the concerns holding you back from pursuing your dreams is healthcare coverage, an option is finally available to provide you savings you can apply to well care, access to the types of health workers you want to see and the security of financial support.”

What Kristina values most:

  • “My husband has his own business and as my practice is growing, I’ll soon be able to leave my corporate job won’t have to worry about health coverage.”
  • “I get to put my savings back into fun activities for the family to do together, and also prevention methodologies such as massage, exercise, and organic foods”


Peace of mind, access and support—anytime, anywhere.

Get started in 4 easy steps…

See how much you can save and join us in transforming healthcare.


We are building a community, and we want YOU to be a part of the movement.


What is Knew Health About?

Knew Health is the cheaper, more flexible alternative to traditional health insurance. At Knew Health, we are pioneers in a model called “healthcare sharing.”

Think of it like a community contributing to a huge pool–except, instead of being filled with water, the pool is filled with money that each community member has been adding to in small contributions each month.

If one of the community members has an eligible medical Need, the community provides funds from the sharing pool to cover their medical bills. It’s that simple.

By sharing low monthly contributions, as opposed to paying costly insurance premiums, our members have the flexibility to save for their regular wellness regimens and the ability to choose their own healthcare providers, without the limitations or ramifications of networks.

All the while, our members have the reassurance that they will have minimal out-of-pocket costs for any large, unexpected medical bills.

Click here to find out how much you can save with Knew Health.

Who is a typical member? Do I belong in the Knew Health community?

You are obviously wondering if you will find people like yourself in Knew Health Community.  With a rich diversity of background, age, lifestyle, preferences, and politics, our Members and community embrace what makes us unique.  What we all have in common, however, is this: We are committed to wellness as a personal responsibility, and we are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. That goes for everyone on the Knew Health staff, our coaches, and our Members too.  The specific choices we make in pursuit of optimal wellness will vary widely and shift and evolve over time; we are empowered to make the choices that resonate with each of us individually. On the other hand, what we have in common is powerful and brings us together as a family.  That is why a “typical” Member demographic does not exist. We welcome Members interested in protecting their future health while investing (especially time and energy) in their current personal health.


Is medical cost sharing just another name for health insurance?

No. Insurance arrangements are a contract whereby one party agrees to be legally responsible for and accept another party’s risk of loss in exchange for a payment – a premium. Medical cost sharing is an arrangement whereby Members agree to share one-another’s medical expenses through an act of voluntary giving. Knew Health and its partners are not licensed or registered by any insurance board or department since we are not practicing the business of insurance. We do not assess applicants’ health risks, because neither Knew Health nor our Members are assuming financial liability for any other Member’s risk. Unlike insurance, the focus of medical cost sharing is on how Members help each other with their immediate needs.

How can I be sure the medical cost-sharing community concept really works?

The concept of medical cost sharing has actually been highly successful within the confines of faith-based groups for over 25 years. More than one million Members have shared in excess of one billion dollars in medical expenses over that span of time. Hence, there is strong precedence in the concept. We believe that a community of health-conscious individuals who care for their fellow community Members can successfully participate in the sharing of one another’s medical burdens.

Are there Monthly Premiums?

An insurance “premium” is a fee in exchange for an insurance company’s legal obligation to cover your medical costs under certain specified conditions. In contrast, with KNEW’s health cost-sharing model, most of your “monthly share” amount goes directly to the common pool, ready for members’ healthcare needs. Instead of insurance, think of it like pooled medical savings, where there’s a common fund to share your qualified medical needs. Throughout over three decades of the healthcare sharing, millions of people have used this model successfully to protect their health and finances.

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