Meet your health coach

Holly Ladd


Holly entered the field of health coaching after her own battle with scleroderma, an
autoimmune condition. As part of her path to recovery, Holly went to Dr. Mark Hyman’s
Ultrawellness Center, embracing the Functional Medicine approach to disease.
Through that process, she learned just how out of balance her body was and worked
her way back to wellness with adjustments to her diet and lifestyle and added in some
necessary supplementation.

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Holly draws on her experience and
education in teaching and communication to work with her clients on getting to the root
cause of why they can’t make those changes they are looking for. She has helped
clients lose weight, calm autoimmune symptoms, lower blood pressure, improve their
outlook on life and regain energy and their zest for life.Clients enjoy her approach
because it’s fun, self-directed and never overwhelming. In the end, Holly just wants her
clients to feel as good as they possibly can believing that we all have more control over
our health than we think.

Holly was one of the first nationally board certified health and wellness coach, receiving
her certification in November, 2017. She lives a full and rich life, grateful to have
overcome such a scary diagnosis. Holly enjoys cycling, working out, yoga, meditation,
travel, reading, introducing her friends to healthy foods, an occasional glass of good
wine and walking with her two dogs.