Try out Knew Health for free this June

Meet our Holistic Health Coaches, Amy and Pam! They have a broad knowledge of health and wellness and they’ll help you navigate a variety of health concerns and goals. You’ll be empowered to reach your optimal state of wellness.

This June, we’re giving away free health coaching sessions so you can get a taste of what Knew Health is all about. Take the first step towards a healthier you.

“After working with my health coach, I am more hopeful for the future. I am moving in the right direction. She was very easy to talk with. I felt like we were old friends not new acquaintances. She was insightful and motivating. She has a positive energy that you can feel over the phone. I believe that she has something to offer everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.”

Brian M. – Florida

“It was great chatting with my health coach! I felt so inspired after our call and encouraged more than ever to move forward with my plan to use my horrible experience with our dysfunctional healthcare system to help and serve others, and maybe even write a book as my coach suggested! I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion and would definitely recommend you to others.”

Sheri R. – Maryland

“After working with my coach, I was so motivated and flew through the first set of actions/goals I had from appointment 1 to appointment 2. My coach helped me strategize how to boost my energy and we came up with a do-able morning routine. I am already feeling so much better and more energized. I specifically enjoyed the good conversation. She gave me direction and helped prioritize/game ideas for moving forward.”

Kim M. – Minnesota