Today we’ll do a deep dive into #5 in The 5Cs: Culture.

What does culture have to do with helping people get healthy and stay healthy at the lowest possible cost?


Because creating a culture that rewards and celebrates health creation is the least expensive way to get well and stay well.

For example, those who live in cities and towns with ample outdoor exercise space, a supportive community and access to high-quality foods tend to have healthier citizens.

Likewise, families who support one another, cook healthy food together and are active in their community and/or churches, have created their own mini-culture of health in which to thrive.

We looked at other examples, like “The Blue Zones” and “The Moais” in our previous deep-dive on “Community”

But…what if you don’t live within a health supportive culture?

First off, know you’re not alone.  America overall today does not have a culture of wellness.

A culture is our shared experience of our values and beliefs.  The majority of American cities and small towns are built around non-health-promoting habits, such as driving everywhere, all-too-frequent visits to fast-food restaurants, little space or incentive for exercise, high-stress job markets, and school lunch programs unfit for building healthy bodies.

However, that culture is slowly changing…and with your help, we plan to play a big role in facilitating a new culture of health in America.  Part of our challenge today is that among those of us who prioritize wellness in our daily lives, we often focus on our differences (e.g. paleo vs. vegan, yoga vs. jogging) rather than on the strong common beliefs we hold.  At KNEW, we want to galvanize our collective power by emphasizing our common culture of wellness fundamentals.

We’ll start within our own community…

At KNEW, our culture is based on inspiring and rewarding healthy habits among our members within their respective communities.

So, while our offices may be based many states away from you, we want to have an impact in your local community.

How will we do this? We discussed many of the details in our last post on “Community”, but in a nutshell:

By educating, empowering and incentivizing individuals to create and maintain their own health. 

To help you do this, we will be offering curated health education opportunities from a rich diversity of leaders in the movement, including book club masterclasses with authors, group programs for specific wellness priorities, access to low-cost, high-quality supplements, and access to lowest-cost labs to assess focus areas proactively.  As always, you will be free to choose to participate in the opportunities that resonate with you and leave the others aside. .

As our numbers grow, so will our communities of like-minded, health-conscious people…and thus, a new culture is born.  Strong in our common belief of wellness and also rich in the diversity of how we pursue it.

A culture which creates common language and priorities, yet is still rich with our diversity.  While we may choose unique combinations of wellness-promoting activities and daily choices to keep us well, we can celebrate what we have in common.  For example, a belief that health if a personal responsibility, a belief in the innate healing ability of the body, a belief in the power of whole, natural foods for optimal wellness, and a belief in the importance of regular movement and fresh air to maintain wellness.

Our common culture forms the basis for long-term wellness, personal fulfillment, and cost-savings for all.