5C’s of the KNEW Community

Cost Sharing

While it may sound like a new idea, Cost Sharing programs have been successfully helping communities of like-minded people “share” the burdens of medical expenses for decades.

Historically, these programs were limited to those of the Christian faith, who had worked out a religious exemption from Obama-era healthcare laws.

But, come November 2018, those restrictions go away…which opens a new path for those who value the power of a healthy lifestyle and personal responsibility for their wellness (regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs).

So, why does Cost Sharing make Health Care so much more affordable?

It’s simple.

When a community of health-conscious individuals join together and agree to support each other’s medical expenses for future, new illnesses and injury, they can often do so at a fraction of the cost they would typically encounter with insurance premiums.

What type of cost-savings are we talking about here? Usually anywhere from 30-80%!

Now let’s be clear: medical Cost Sharing is not the same as “health insurance”

It’s an empowered, responsible way to manage unexpected medical expenses without the huge corporate overhead you get from a massive industry.

A Cost Sharing community doesn’t pay for escalating corporate profits; it pays collectively for what its members actually need and use for medical care, beyond an initial threshold for each event.

We’ll be sharing many more details with you in the weeks ahead about exactly how the program works.

As you might imagine, dramatic monthly savings add up and leave more money in your budget to support your personal investment choices in preventive wellness, integrative care/therapies, and a healthy lifestyle.

Plus, at Knew Health Community we will support your wellness goals with the other 4Cs, including:

  • A Culture of like-minded members who prioritize wellness and value education about  healthy behaviors
  • A Community which supports and incentivizes one another to uphold  that cultural standard
  • Coaching support from our functional Health Coaches, for those times you need a little extra health and wellness support
  • Care through our network of functional medicine doctors who specialize in root-cause resolution

Through this 5C model, we’re able to offer so much more than the Cost Sharing ministries of the past…with no restrictions on affiliation, greater transparency, rich wellness-promoting resources and incredible savings.

We’ll be diving into the other 4Cs, and how they help shape this KNEW model in the days/weeks to come.

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