Continuing our review of the 5Cs of benefits for members of Knew Health Community, let’s explore what type of Care you can expect!

#1: Medical Price Cost Negotiation For All Types of Services/Procedures

This is a major care benefit for our members, and one that’s unique to Knew Health Community.

What exactly does this mean for you?

If you are part of a cost sharing program (instead of being traditionally insured), the medical system considers you an uninsured, cash-paying patient.

This is a GREAT thing for you and the entire community, because it means you’re eligible for cash-pay rates…which can be considerably less than what you’d pay through your insurance company.

This is true for all types of cost-sharing programs. The difference for our members is that you also have a Knew Health billing concierge in your corner to negotiate the best rate for your medical needs.
Yes, savings going even beyond the typical self-pay rate!

This means you’re not alone in negotiating a fair price for the services you use, PLUS it saves our entire community money on health care expenses.

And this service is available to you, whether the medical expense is shareable…or not.

#2: 24/7 Access to Teladoc Services for Immediate Conventional Medical Needs

Teladoc gives you online access to a licensed medical doctor for your immediate conventional medical needs.

This service can save you time, money and hassles (like sitting in an ER or urgent care room during cold and flu season) by connecting you with an MD in under 10 minutes via phone, web or mobile app.

Teladoc doctors can treat a variety of urgent care needs, virtually, including: cold and flu, eye infections, fever, strep, respiratory infections and more.

And this convenient service is included in ALL Knew Health membership plans.

#3: Second Opinion Service

This is not only a “care perk” for our members, but a medical expense sharing requirement should a disease be diagnosed.

Sadly, many patients are uncomfortable seeking a second opinion…especially if they have a long-standing relationship with their care provider.

However, not getting a second opinion can be the difference between being labeled “sick” or even life and death.

Per a recent study from the Mayo Clinic, up to 88% of patients who seek a second opinion go home with either a new or refined diagnosis (or find out they were never sick in the first place [note][/note]; and a 2015 the National Academy of Medicine reported that nearly everyone will experience a misdiagnosis at some point in their life[note][/note].

Given these statistics, the complexity of diagnosis and the failure of medicine to improve its accuracy rates, we believe we owe it to our members to provide this mandatory service.

#4: Referrals To The Best-Priced, Local Doctors and Practitioners

If you already have a doctor you like, great…keep using them.

However, if you need a referral to a new practitioner or specialist, our concierges can connect you with the best local resources who are cash-pay friendly.

And remember, all the above listed Care services are included in every Knew Health membership plan.

Because we believe all our members deserve the very best care.

It’s also just the beginning of what we intend to offer eventually in this Care arena of the 5Cs.  Ready for roll-out later on in 2019, we are also developing a network of functional medicine practitioners to whom we will refer members who are seeking more comprehensive support beyond Coaching.

Just another great example of our drive here at Knew Health to be a true ecosystem for Health Care.

-The Knew Health Community Team