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Headspace—meditation for busy people

We know: meditating is hard. Or at least it can seem that way when you’re first trying it.  But you’ll be surprised how easy the Headspace app makes it to get started and create some momentum. The proven health benefits of regular meditation—like lower blood pressure, better mood, better sleep, less anxiety, a healthier weight, […]

Find the Best Prices on Prescriptions With GoodRx and Blink Health

At KNEW Health, we know that while prescriptions aren’t our first-line solution for sustainable health care, they are indeed sometimes necessary and a blessed part of comprehensive health care.  If you regularly take prescription drugs, or need one for an acute situation, we want to make sure you are empowered to find the best prices […]

Inner Balance by HeartMath—our favorite everyday stress-zapper

Volumes of research have proven the toll chronic stress takes on your health. Which is why we’re excited to share one of our favorite stress-zapping resource with you: Inner Balance by HeartMath This simple tool makes taming daily stress as easy as breathing into your smartphone (seriously, you’ve got to give this one a try! […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Simple Sleep Hygiene Tips

Motivated to make healthier choices in the new year?  No need to get esoteric.  Focus on the fundamentals – especially Sleep. We all know we need it…and more of it, yet so many of us struggle to get enough rest to look and feel our best. What’s worse, much of the information out there on […]

Could Health Coaching Serve You Better Than Doctor Visits?

Could Health Coaching serve you better than doctor visits? It’s a bold question (we know), so let’s first point out the obvious: If you’re deathly ill, require surgery, are in an emergency situation, need a prescription or need advanced medical care for a serious condition then PLEASE continue seeing your medical doctor. However, if you’re […]

Why medical cost sharing makes serious financial sense for the health conscious

If you’re a health conscious person, committed to a healthy lifestyle —someone who values healthy food, regular exercise, and an integrative approach to medicine—you’re probably frustrated with your current health insurance coverage. Why? Because the majority of health insurance policies in the US (especially the typical high-deductible plans), make little-to-no provision for holistic, integrative medicine. […]

How to Cut Your Medical Costs in Half Using Cash and Cost Sharing

Nearly everyone in the United States agrees that medical care costs are out of control. And it’s not a black-and-white issue. Yes, procedures, drugs, doctor visits, tests, surgeries and lab work are all more expensive than ever… …but that’s only half the problem. The other half has to do with the opaque and downright discriminatory […]

Does Medical Cost Sharing Really Cost Less Than Health Insurance? A Price Comparison

One of the biggest questions we get from those considering KNEW Health Community and our medical cost sharing program is this: “Is medical cost sharing really less expensive than traditional health insurance?” The short answer: Typically, yes. Given the astronomical costs of employer-sponsored and non-sponsored insurance premiums and deductibles, most members will save a significant amount […]